Who is a hacker - Robin Hood or just a man with a keyboard?

Who is a hacker - Robin Hood or just a man with a keyboard? Everyone knows, what do the hackers - for the majority of mankind is the word symbolizes danger and cause a negative association unenlightened. However, few of the most knows the true cause of their behavior.
Prior to the use of this term in the media, a hacker known as a man who was well versed in programming and he wrote software for themselves. However, after publication in American newspapers articles about Kevin Mitnick and the Vladimir Levin, the word acquired a negative connotation.

 Hackers - crackers. But they are not breaking into apartments, do not rob old ladies, and even more so did not kill anyone. Today, the world of information chaos, there is only one way to find out the truth for sure: to get access to raw materials that nobody is eager to bring to the public.

"Any information should be free"

That is the essence of hacking. This is not an excuse, it's a fact.

Most hackers are afraid of government organizations, who do not like them to hide their true intentions?

In the early nineties it was necessary to establish a legal precedent to prosecute for information theft. And the scapegoat was the above mentioned Kevin Mitnick, the hacker's number one. Mitnick himself admitted that in order to gain access to private sources used methods of social engineering, not hacked access system. Employees of organizations themselves gave Kevin passwords, of course, he deceived them, but he did not press on them, they just wanted to help him.

As a result, Mitnick was caught by FBI agents, and in the absence of direct evidence it presented circumstantial - injury, which was even harder to define than to find direct evidence. Therefore, companies would not be stingy on truth, and in reports made by the amount of money that was spent not on the recovery systems, and sealing holes, which discovered the hacker.

Mitnick was sentenced to four years imprisonment. Exactly the same time receives the average murderer.

While Hacker № 1 was in prison, remained free hacked into servers, the FBI, NASA, Microsoft, NSA, and left only one message «Free Kevin».

Later it became known that all government organizations have the right, without obtaining a warrant to read e-mail of ordinary citizens. This is a direct violation of constitutional rights! Hackers did not take long to wait. The answer was a 64-bit encoding of letters, which could only decipher the recipient.

Of course, not all hackers are using their talents for the benefit of society, but certainly they are far greater altruists than ordinary people, whose expression of the will manifests itself only during elections every four years. So far, for Russia, this theme is not so relevant, but the country is growing, and it still will be faced with this problem.

Hak-community in the future also remain de jure illegal, and de facto become natural body control power, economy and law. As for us, ordinary citizens will remain a mystery, like the ingredients of instant soups.