Who is SpongeBob SquarePants?

Who is SpongeBob SquarePants? "And who is this yellow and awkward?" - Can you wonder when she notices a picture of this absurd creature on school bags, charms, and clothing of the younger generation.

My answer: It - SpongeBob SquarePants, one of the most popular cartooned today.

No, still not completely obsessed children, aggression and brutality. Otherwise, how do you explain that cartoon about Sponge Bob, completely devoid of both the first and second, children love (by the way, not only to them). Yes, and what may be aggression in the history of little yellow sponge who lives at the bottom of the ocean, in the picturesque village of Bikini Bottom? As befits a sponge, Bob is incredibly naive, soft, and is provided with 40 holes of various sizes. But his main "trick" - square pants, which he did not take off throughout the series.

I have friends Sponge Bob - such as strange as himself. It's incredibly lazy and stupid starfish Patrick, terrestrial protein in the diving suit, Sandy, and an octopus with six tentacles Skvidvard, which Bob also thinks his friend (despite the fact that Skvidvard trembles with rage when a number appears SpongeBob).

It is equally expressive and other cartoon characters - the greedy landlord Mr. Crabs diner, his rival and worst enemy Plankton, teacher Mrs puff driving boats and many others. Life underwater world under the version of the creators, is very similar to Earth. Each of its occupant is endowed with human qualities and characters, somewhere - good, somewhere - poor, rather than the traditional single-valued characteristics or "good" or "evil".

Cartoon, which appeared on the screens in 1999, won an unexpected sympathy from the audience. Neither his creator, Stephen Hillenburg, Nickelodeon or the company did not expect such a huge success. However, the fact remains: SpongeBob likes children, although there is no single gram or slope, no power. In fact, children have learned in soft defenseless creature with wide-open blue eyes themselves. And loved it.

Helplessness and the softness of Bob made it a favorite yet, and representatives of the emo subculture. Infantile emotional young men and women apparently decided that, judging by the character and behavior, Sponge Bob - they just born leader! The result - Sponge Bob in black and pink colors. Sponge Bob with painted eyes. SpongeBob in pink (but still square - holy!) Trousers.

In RuNet character is also firmly established its niche (somewhere between a bear and proteins from the "Ice Age"). Sponge Bob stares wide-eyed with a set of avatars, screensavers and wallpaper. Among the users of LiveJournal at one time was a popular test of "Who are you of the characters in the cartoon Sponge Bob about?". Funny and wags runet always "edit" Bob's appearance, giving it incredible features (see picture).