What is interesting to Disneyland Paris?

What is interesting to Disneyland Paris? Have you ever been to Disneyland? No? Then this article is for you. I propose to throw a glance at one of the most popular attractions in France. But if you were already there anyway, and you, this article will be interesting - to compare our impressions ...

It was the second day of our stay in Paris. After breakfast, we started the program, scheduled for this day. A celebration was scheduled for the soul - a trip to Disneyland. And on its own - that is, using local means of transportation, which is cheaper than going with ordered homeland tour. Charming aunt at the booth, where for 12.50 euros, we bought round-trip ticket for the RER, to our question "How do I get to Disneyland?" Has issued a paper harvested for tourists with accurate and clear indication of the route - very kindly by the authorities. Focusing on this piece of paper, we easily overcame a 45-minute journey. It is important to remember that we need a line A has a fork, so it is important to sit at the right train - they go through one in different branches. All information on the scoreboard, including the time before the arrival of the train.

From the subway exit to the entrance to Disneyland within reach. Cass too much, but the queue is small. Before us was a family fun of Arabs. While they bought a ticket, we were able to examine prices. A ticket on the day of our (adult) age was worth 32 euros. For children a little cheaper. And if you take three days, then it would cost 90 euros. No more tickets to buy is not required, the price includes all rides that you can not go on once.

Then we got to heaven. As much as anything to laugh, but I love Disneyland. There can be shamelessly indulge in two of the most enjoyable weaknesses - to play and spend money. Indulge in debauchery, shopping, everyone will and without my instructions, and it will be about entertainment.

The whole park is divided into five zones: Central (Main Street), Border (Frontierland), Adventure (Adventureland), Fantasy (Fantasyland) and Science (Discoveryland). Surrounds the entire country a small railway on which runs the train, stopping at five stations - in each Land. Perhaps, I will tell the zones, trying to mention every attraction. Let me remind you, not at all I was - obviously left the next time!

So, Main street 11,111,169. . It starts, like any other city, from the station. You walk down the long lobby, and on you from all the windows looked invitingly boutiques and eateries. About boutiques I have already said, consider that I have visited them all, and snack bars are very useful to us, when later, wet and frozen, we ate a hot pizza in the form of three circles (the character Mickey Mouse remember?) And drank coffee with her searing amazing delicious strawberry dessert.

Leaving the station, we see the first entertainment portal - [b] competi-
. Stand in a small place, climb into the carriage and riding on a horse track. Or in the antediluvian avtomobilchike . Driving - Goofy! I do not move around. But seen. In general, the main pleasure of Main Street - its boutiques.

More countries are beginning to bypass the Disney clockwise. Left - Border Zone. Main Theme - Adventures in Wild West style. Personally for me this time impressed House of Ghosts . First, we gathered in a small circular room. A pretty girl with a polite gesture drove us to the middle of the room, and then the lights went out and the girl mysteriously vanished. But there were howls, and I screamed merrily along with other visitors. Portraits on the walls, barely visible in the dim light, began to move and to issue specific to the sounds of ghosts. And the room itself was unexpectedly lengthened - ceiling went higher and higher, becoming darker and darker ... Almost to the touch, we left the room and sat in the mini-train that took us on a tour of the house. Music in the style of "Feast in the Time of Cholera" is increased, then ceased. And before his eyes leaked a story about a dead bride. Was impressed by her portrait, which appears in an empty mirror. And the ball ghosts. And divination in the crystal ball. I recommend for compulsory attendance!

Coming out of the house, down through the many steps and you get to the pier, where (Having survived all) have a chance to ride on Boat days of Mark Twain. We did not skate. And I must say that in winter, this attraction is not working. You can just go up on deck, stand up, introduce yourself the heroine of the Middle West, and descend back to earth.

And this ship sails on the lake around 11,111,168. Great trembling Mountains [/b] . This attraction in the spirit of Indiana Jones - katishsya on wagons on roller coaster (in a lightweight version - noose is not there), and also have the pleasure of being splattered with specially trained fountain.

Stepping away from the big mountains, we stumble on a small Fort 11,111,169. , Under the romantic name "Legends of the Wild West." You can climb the walls, you can enjoy the lower abundance of hunting trophies. You can look at [b] Tier You can go to village of Pocahontas (Attraction only for small children), you can admire farm with different pets. Incidentally, this farm is better seen when you go to the district board. And the train is better seen any deer and wild boar. Non-living, although in contrast to the roosters with ducks.

Not far from the farm station is the ring road - you can take the train to get to Adventure Land. And you can leisurely step back to the fort, and then to the left to open the dome of the East. Right in this building is a visual attraction on "Aladdin" - Cartoon in the translation of the deserted frames. At the exit get into the boutique, where I personally bought a magic lamp of Aladdin. By the way, returning to shopingovoy topic - can not say that the goods in all shops the same. Organizers are trying to adhere to the thematic focus, which is why in Adventure Land will be sold all sorts of cowboy bells and whistles, but in fantasy - a lot of princesses and magic wands.

Then start most of my favorite rides, which I visited more than once. But first, be sure to enjoy the artificially created, but no less charming air pirate coast 11,111,169. . That boat Robinson out of water by storm. A missed first trimester heron on a rock - alive if she? And here's himself a pirate ship, frozen berth. Obviously, the pirates went to the cave - hidden treasures. And rock suspiciously like the skull's profile ... Dark and gloomy cave, where the screams and laughter could be heard just proshmygnuvshih pirates. Or - Hilti! - Is an echo of enthusiastic tourists? .. Highly polished stairs numerous staircases lead us to [b] footbridge . Well, the bridge and the bridge, I thought. And I boldly stepped on him. Ha! It was the spring bridge. Very fun to walk on it, the springs move. And this bouncing gait persists on solid ground.

After crossing over this bridge, we find ourselves in a cheerful place - headquarters Robinson . Long time since I read the book, so I do not remember - if he really lived in a tree? Anyway, in Adventure Land he lives there. And you step by step around the tree, carefully studying his bedroom or office. And then the kitchen. Dream come true from my childhood!

A small shift to the next bridge (usually, alas) - and before the eyes of ordinary 11,111,168. attraction with a toboggan [/b] . At this time the prototype - the rapid underground journey Indiana Jones. I do not skated, so I do not know if there is a loop and the gap in the rails.

Returning to the route tree of Robinson - Flexible bridge - the cave of pirates (well, I could not deny myself the pleasure!), Direct way to get into Rides of all time (from the standpoint of the author, of course) - Pirates of the Caribbean " . Tom himself, on the subject of which was made the first film of the same name. Stood in line (in the summer - great in winter - smaller) fall into the underworld. Polite girl seated us in a boat-train, and we are going to travel on the underground world. That's the peaceful village by the sea. Residents rest. A little further on the picture is changing - the city was attacked by pirates. Explosions, crashes, fire. Oh, horror! I think this is the core of flies! They all bend ... Here's one villain chasing the young maid, and maid screaming. But after another chasing a pirate lady with a frying pan in hand. Shouts now a young man. Let us swim farther - the pirates have already captured the city and relax. One-legged handsome were drinking a bottle of rum and singing songs, and a number of not less than enthusiastically echoes local doggie. Then the movement of our train is accelerating, we are happy squeals fall in the mini-gap, on the way we covers the wave (in fact - a little sprinkles a couple of drops). And see the treasure chest, hidden in a deep cave. And just before exit to accompany us a charming smile, Jolly Roger, winking all the missing eyes and wishing a pleasant journey. We were dropped off - and again we get up in long lines to enjoy the spectacle again. Caution! The terms may be closed, and we never find the strength to leave this attraction!

But I perebaryvayu themselves - otherwise will not have time for other countries. With a little regret leaving favorite pirate and enter into the fantasy world. In my opinion, this part - the children. There are a lot 11,111,168. carousels [/b] - From the galloping horses of Lancelot, with the flying Dumbo elephants, wild-cups Hatter from Alice, with small baskets Fey. Funny 11,111,168. Labyrinth [/b] (Again, from "Alice in Wonderland"), the path which is accompanied by jumping out of the bushes sevens and sixes. There is an attraction, a similar organization with the pirates: sailing on a boat, and around the dolls represent international picture of a merry tune. «It's a Small World» called. Another attraction is similar to the "Aladdin" - come to life footage from "Pinnokkio" . There is a hilarious ride on "Snow White" : Ride the train, passing by reviving pictures from cartoons. Most impressed by the trees from the episode, when Snow White first enters into the forest and everything around her is scary. You can be happy povizzhat!

Yet the most valuable entertainment are found in the fantasy world. First, it is Sleeping Beauty Castle , Became the symbol of Disneyland. Inside this castle, if you go up to the second floor, you can refresh your memory of the history of the princess - by staring at the stained glass windows, tapestries and paintings. Do not stop there - go ahead, on the roof. The view from there is to admire them! And as for defining itself against the background of these fabulous roof - just a holy cause!

Having admired, went down. Do not stop, go to the basement, because there you can find country ashnogo Dragon Which at first was asleep, then wakes up, cursing and snarling and spitting fire and smoke tuber, and then he falls asleep. An impressive sight!

The castle is located in the geometric middle of Disneyland, and if you turn to face the flying Dumbo and rotating cups, you can see my second favorite attraction. It is better to visit in the summer - now understand why. Official name it - Country Fay 11,111,169. . I remember the plot of "Sleeping Beauty" fairy, there were tiny ladies. That's why their country is too tiny. For her allocated special space for the District ring railway. And given its own railway track on which you can visit all the country for three minutes.)) Unfortunately, the train was going fast and capture anything is impossible, because it wants to see everything, everything - and the tiny mill, and carefully cultivated fields, and wonderful castle in the middle of the country. This time, I was impressed by the presence of the cemetery.

For a more detailed examination of the country's better to use waterways. Again, stood in line (what to do, ride the super-popular), sit in a boat-train, which is slowly taking us on a fairy-tale. There is a castle, which is not inferior to luxury Sleeping Beauty Castle. Is that smaller in size. Then, before our eyes come to life a variety of Disney cartoons. We see the house of "Snow White", which stands on the verge of a terrible old witch. Cute gingerbread house hiding among the trees. A tiny ship is moored to the palace, where he lived, Eric (The Little Mermaid "). But Belle and sits at the fountain, reading one of his favorite books, and sheep ever look at the pictures. On the way, floated to the cave in the form of a panther's head ("Aladdin" remember?).

Still there is Oz (according to our - Emerald City), winter village, the palace of Aladdin, the cave of the Seven Dwarfs, The Castle of the Dragon, waterfall ... The only disadvantage of this attraction - it works only in summer and only in good weather. As soon as it begins to rain, closes it with rags and put on the anchor.

The rest - the country is open. Devoted to science and technology. Since these two items, I like the least, then visited there was at minimum. And at least this was limited thematic shops. Feedback from the same witnesses, in this part of the park you can see the following:
a) [b] Cosmic Journey
- Sit down in a kind of gun, you shoot Right on to the Moon. Pressure difference, they say, gives a stunning burst of adrenaline. Be sure to go there, when I have my company, because one fear.
b) Visual attraction 11,111,169. in the form of travel under the water with Captain Nemo. Nor was I do not know what that was like.
c) [b] Pilot your own spaceship
d) Horseback futuristic avtomobilchikah specifically delineated in the field.
e) The history of cinematography in the video pictures . So-so, not particularly interesting - you look through a la microscope to three-dimensional images.

Rides are very popular with visitors, so there is always a queue. By the way, the Park is a very useful service. It's called "Quick Ticket» (Fast-Pass). Everywhere there are such tables, where you can take a ticket to interesting attraction. On the ticket will bear the time. By this time you come to the door and you let the line. Very badsome invention.

The evening is fireworks. And during the day - the parade. We are neither one nor the other was interesting, so I saw neither one nor the other. Across the park roam cartoon characters, which must be photographed and who must take autographs in a special notebook.