Why a home library?

Why a home library? I remember just five years ago at my home had two cabinets filled with books on the shelves in the bedroom were the collection of detective stories and books of the classics. But it is time we changed the furniture, and parents threw all the books that were collected many years. I did not understand what they did, but now I realize.

 Almost every Friday I go to book fair to buy a manual or something from fiction. Over the past six months, I have already assembled his own shelf of books, which are those that I have read more than once, and took out to write something for myself.

 So why need a home library? Speaking in the most simple - is the repository of knowledge, which helps a person in his life. After all, the library includes different kinds of encyclopedias, which are sometimes not enough when writing a synopsis or material, books, classics, which are held by children in schools, and then repeat them a good half of the institute, the books of famous writers (for example, my home was almost the entire collection of books Jace Hadley Chase).

 Now this is not, and I buy books in stores, re-collecting that body of knowledge that has been lost only a couple of years ago.

 Books that are at home, can not only help in writing the article, but also save them from boredom, to help in a difficult moment right information.

 If it does not go into the educational function of books, you see how the book decorate the room. Without the book shelves seem empty, worthless. Even if you have a full shop, they can not compete with a shelf of books by such authors as Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Lermontov, Turgenev, Dante, Cervantes, Boccaccio.

 I think a lot, read a paragraph written above, think about that now most people prefer to create electronic libraries. But the letters on the screen can not replace the book pages. I do not know about you, but I am very pleased to open the book with white pages and neatly printed letters. And most importantly, always keep a book more pleasant than the same device or mobile phone, clicking every five seconds, the keys to turn the page.

 Home library and says more about the education rights. I think people are buying the book not just to fill their shelves, but in order to read them and learn something new (if you do not talk about bulvarschine, which is just killing time without bringing any benefit from reading).