Why should I buy property in Bulgaria?

Why should I buy property in Bulgaria? There are three reasons to buy an apartment in Bulgaria: beautiful, cheap and the sea. However, upon closer examination the reasons is much more.

Bulgaria is situated in south-eastern point of the Balkan Peninsula. The climate is temperate-continental in the southern parts of Mediterranean influence. The average January temperature in the plains from -2 ° to 2 ° C, in the mountains to -10 ° C, and in July 19-28 ° C. 30% of the country are mixed and pine forests.

Population - 8 million inhabitants, of which 85,5% of the Bulgarians, the rest - the Turks, Gypsies, Russian, Armenian. Official language - Bulgarian, written in the Cyrillic alphabet and is very similar to Russian. Many Bulgarians speak in Russian, or speak, but they understand Russian speech. In general, the Bulgarians - a pleasant and sociable people, very friendly related to Russian.

In Bulgaria, a well-developed tourism. The main coastal resorts: Golden Sands, Sunny Beach, Nessebar, Sozopol, Pomorie, Kavarna, Albena, etc. Foreigners have the right to reside in the Republic of Bulgaria short and long term. Short-term stay (up to 90 days) is permitted under the consulate issued a visa. The reason for obtaining visas are the tourist vouchers, personal or business invitation.

Long-term stay (more than 90 days) can be prolonged (up to one year) and permanent (indefinitely). The issuance of visas for longer stays prior approval service for administrative control over foreigners.

In addition to the favorable natural and social environment is very good in Bulgaria and the so-called investment climate. GDP is growing at 6-8% per year, 80% of the economy is in private ownership. According to the Association, Heritage, the indicator of economic freedom in Bulgaria in 2006 amounted to 2.74 and was the best for all the previous 10 years of observations.

1 January 2007 Bulgaria joined the European Union, after which the property in the country traditionally start to go up. Probably, growth will continue for some time, so that the purchase of housing in the Bulgarian resort completely economically justified.

Choosing a property in Bulgaria is very varied, ranging from apartments in the ski resort and ending with the house on the Black Sea. Therefore, It is also important, of course, and the choice of cities for a future stay. In each city - a specificity and a special atmosphere.

Burgas - Big, bustling port city, where absolutely no one feels the resort atmosphere and proximity to the sea.

Nessebar - Very beautiful and old city, divided into old and new part. The old part of nothing being built, this place is taken under protection by UNESCO as a monument of history, the new city is densely built up.

Pomorie - Interestingly situated town, with plenty of new construction and is still clearly visible legacy of the Soviet period in the form of old abandoned industrial areas and recreation. However, it lacks the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria.

Sozopol - Also a very nice small town, where there are old and new parts, an active new construction in close proximity to the sea and very hilly terrain.

Houses in Bulgaria are usually three to five floors. The houses are beautiful, spacious landings, species elevators with glass walls, the apartments of various layouts with large balconies. As in most European countries, the kitchen in the apartment - is part of the room.

Most apartments in new buildings shall have to finish. This means that the floor of the apartment is covered with laminate or tiles, walls and ceiling white for final finishing, bathroom and toilet are ready to use: the walls and floor tiled bathroom installed. In the place where the kitchen is planned, prepared all the electrical outputs for the necessary kitchen equipment.

A square meter of housing in the Bulgarian resort cost only 800-900 euros. Of course, there may be deviations in both directions, depending on the city, the distance from the sea and other factors. For example, apartments, under Nessebar with jacuzzi, panoramic view from the windows and 70 meters from the sea will cost about 1000 euros per square meter. We can restrict studios (room with a kitchenette, bathroom and balcony, 51,8 meters) a little further away from the coast - for 45,5 thousand Euro.

As in Russia, there are two main options for buying property in Bulgaria: investment in the construction and purchase of finished housing. If you do not know the language, laws and characteristics of the market, easier and safer to apply to the real estate agency. In Russia there are several agencies that specialize in Bulgaria, and many of those engaged in foreign real estate in general, and Bulgaria in particular.

The procedure for acquiring a home through the agency about the next. You come into the office, choose an apartment and sign the agreement reserve the apartment. Under the agreement, the apartment will be reserved for you for up to 2 months, with the obligation to fix the price at this time. If you have the opportunity to travel to Bulgaria for two weeks, booking an apartment is without a contract.

If you are not ready to choose an apartment on the picture, the agency can arrange for you a series of hits on the site. For this service are charged a separate fee, which usually included a meeting at the airport and assistance in booking hotels.