Why and to whom to leave a tip?

Why and to whom to leave a tip? In Russia we leave a tip - a kind of gesture of generosity, which says about you, how are you free to handle money, even if they are in reality a little bit.

Recently a friend came to me from Germany, and what was my surprise when, after being brought to us by, she paid the bill and pay in full, of course, did not leave a tip to the waiter very kindly! While we sat in a fairly prestigious bar, and honestly, I felt very uncomfortable.

Traditionally, the tips are given to service personnel as payment for what they, in turn, bring order, if it is a restaurant, a maid - for what is removed. Often the fee immediately included in the bill, but I think there is nothing unnatural - to thank the person who served you well. Although there is also a minus. Because there are such waiters, who have to wait for hours, and if he still insolent ... and so on? You still have to pay him, since it is included in the bill, and in this injustice. I'm in such cases, leaving a couple of copper coins, and thus demonstrate that dissatisfied with his work, but the rules are known to me. And he, in turn, should be clear that his salary is often only grows on the tip, and it all depends on how it will work.

Many at the time of travel stop in hotels. What are the known rules "tip"?
If someone pulls your bags, puts them in a room and put wherever you say to him, then he deserves generous tip, much more than, for example, Switzerland. The latter always looks proud and haughty, but it does not mean that it does not take tips. A good habit to give him a tip when leaving the hotel to show that you appreciate their hospitality.
But if you do not expect to spend money that is never superfluous, then carry their own suitcases and opens a heavy door!

I would have to allocate one area where you would normally expect a tip. This is petrol 1,111,117. . My husband, for example, is guided by this rule - he leaves a tip only to tankers, which do not impose a service. That is, if the tanker offers to wipe the glass and the driver agrees, that by itself implies a tip. And sometimes that flies some kid with a cloth and starts gryaznuschey vozyukat in your glass - these need to drive, but not the money to pay! But the tanker, which is inserted in the fuel tank gun, the tip of charge, as it is their job.

 [i] Often, even tormented by the question, how much is left to the tea?

  Traditionally, the minimum size of the tip - is the cost of the smallest denomination in this country. Consequently, in Russia - 10 rubles. If your order exceeds 100 rubles, then calculate the tip as a percentage - 10% of the order. While in Russia they often leave 5%.
Regarding hotels, the traditional practice of tipping the porter - a dollar per bag. At the gas station - from 5 - 10 rubles for rubbing the glass.

And yet it would be good to leave a tip masters in beauty salons and barber shops: thus, you warrant to myself that next time when you urgently need a haircut, the master will find your time in your busy schedule. Thus, we do better myself!