Who steals vivid memories?

Who steals vivid memories? Recently, restoring order to the suburban attic, I am stumbled upon an old weighty and painfully familiar box . All worn and covered with writing the names of the boys, encircled in hearts, she seemed attracted to her.

Here is I found some of my school diaries Where almost every page of my hand-master big sweeping red letters were written comments like: "Ela cheese in class" or "were depicted as a proofreader ears Stopchenko Valera".

Out of the box sticking scraps of paper and exercise book sheets, and embarking on one of them, I realized, all this - my school notes, a detailed "report" for eleven years of study.

Sitting on the floor and unfurled every scrap of paper, I began reading and was, without exaggeration, I say, I'm happy on the number of sweeping over me a very warm and precious memories.
  Everything was there: and their contentions, and gossip and intrigue, and boycotts, and "recent" news, and the first kiss, first love, and the first drama. I seem to re-returned to the carefree school days.

Remember how we all secretly from teachers' eyes, tried to pass another note a number of someone like cutting short field notebooks for the sake of, in a note to tell you, for which not enough time for a change. Recall that on a first date you are invited just such a note, and it is in there, you answered: "I need to think." As they come home, we all pulled out backpacks pile of crumpled sheets of small, assembled for the day, and how many times you have to appear in the diary comments like: "I wrote the note instead of a lesson." It was an amazing time.
  But where did all go? Why in the backpacks of our children a permanent attribute of the school, as notes increasingly rare or not occur at all? Who steals from us such vivid memories?

With the coming century, new technologies have come to us is a wonderful invention, a mobile phone. He solved many problems associated with distance, much easier life for all. Now mobile phones have become accessible to all segments of the population, they have almost every first-grader, and their diversity is striking.

Now 11,111,126. 11,111,127 teacher. not wrote in his diary of the child comments and invitations dad come to school, the teacher simply dials the number of parents and ringing. Now, regarding the delay of a child in school and truancy reported by phone and the phone of the student sent the message that he is too "delayed" and his conduct would adversely affect its performance. Now, electronic phone messages completely replaced paper notes, and they have great speed are "remnants of the past.

  And what memories! Something to remember our children 10 years after graduating from school? What they show and what to tell their children?

Telephone messages can never replace the notes, as well as e-books will never replace "real" books.

 Who steals vivid memories? Do not burn vospominaniyaDazhe such touching, filled with longing and love letters from the army, no longer so relevant, as the SMS-message.
The other day my mom wanted to throw a high stack of letters Papa's army, referring to the fact that this "dust collector" and no use of them not. I stopped her in time and did not regret. We sat down and read long letters and love poems written by Pope during the years of service, we laughed and cried together. A lot of them seem so commonplace in our time, but letters - these are living memories, without which we simply can not.

Of course, mobile phone and other blessings of civilization is much easier for our lives and we just can not do without them, but despite this, do not forget about the good old traditions.
That feeling that feels a man who discovered the object, causing it far and infinitely pleasant memories can not be compared to anything else.