Who made the most massive photo Nude?

Who made the most massive photo Nude? Authorities sensitivity to natural nude body, regarding it as a violation, God knows what his rights. And do not even anywhere in the Muslim countries, but also in the super-p-developed, sexually progressive America.

In 2001, during the festival at Coney Island in New York custody order was arrested well-known model Amy Gunderson, because she dared appear in public with his chest, covered with a mere coat of paint. Progressive woman truly could not understand the reasons for his arrest and filed a police court. And won!

Because in the same America there are places where the authorities have to contend with the naked in public places, especially since it became a mass phenomenon.

Photographer Spencer Tunick has challenged the world, inviting willing to be photographed in the buff on the streets of their hometown. In his passionate appeal responded to 200 New Yorkers, 400 residents of Switzerland, 2,000 monrealtsev, 4000 - Santiago de Chile, seven thousand - in Barcelona.

Want to see how it looks? Then you 1,111,112. 1111113 here. .

All of them packed Tunick nude on the central square, where they were in a position to be at least 20 minutes, while Tunick photographed them.

I wonder whether many people he gathered would we? Until now, Ukraine has seen only a single demonstration of his body. But where? Express newspaper has already told a few years ago a zealous confused undressed in front of the windows of the President, thus solving the "support" him in the election.

Incidentally, all these mass razdevalischa have no relation to sex. In the shooting crowd we do not have gripped, not taking frivolous positions, all serious and unsmiling, as required by the photographer.

People love to strip in front of artists. After all, just does not, can stigmatize. But the artist can be - after all, a high art. And the artist must learn to draw. And he learned to draw clothes, not people. Some artists have not learned to draw people, and now paint landscapes. Or still lifes. And now the photographer Spencer Tunick nature - more than enough.

In Buenos Aires they gathered five times less than in Montreal, but in what conditions? Here, in the broadest in the world boulevard Avenida de Julio was scheduled exhibition-fair "Arteba", and "bare" action should have been a part of it. Authorities have canceled an exhibition, but, nevertheless, 450 sitters undressed, lay on the asphalt, and stayed there for 20 minutes, until the unsmiling and concentrated Spencer Tunick photographed them.

In Santiago de Chile for nearly 4,000 naked sitters gathered in front of the Museum of Modern Art. This is despite the local "winter" (this was in June, and recalled in the southern hemisphere). Again, a strange pattern: the farther away a country from the equator, the more its residents a hurry to get undressed.

Soon it will be difficult to list the city, where Tunick gathered his "harvest" - London, Jerusalem, San Francisco - more than thirty.

From the Christian countries (Muslim tunic will not be allowed), the most conservative country in respect of shares Tunica became ... America. It is in this country that gave the world of Playboy, Tunick was arrested, and five times and each time he managed to justify.

Got to the point that the Mayor of New York demanded that the Supreme Court has not only banned Tunica to surveys, but also away from him a license professional photographer.

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