Who will go to Truskavets?

Who will go to Truskavets? Everyone at least once in my life been in Truskavets. If not, then this meeting would still promised. Our subconscious mind is arranged so that keeps the memories are not about the sights of the place, but about people. Hospitable, friendly, hospitable, or vice versa. Having been once in Truskavets man returns again and again. Tomorrow he will see not just urban renewal Kurortopolis developed tourism industry.

People go to Truskavets not only on the water. It seems that the air of this city exudes a soft, healed by the aura of that juicy ground on which the tread, - pure mineral wax, mineral wax blue-yellow color, and water, which permeated the hills - mineral. These resilient hills from under his feet stands the moisture, and for some reason wants to run on toes or jump up ... because that is an unfortunate sense of the forbidden entry to the reserve.

But it happens in moments of romantic, late at night in the park, where looks up from the stars, or the day when you stop to turn his head, looking for a squirrel, and feel that my feet were dry and became wet, covered with asphalt path went right, and you already immersed. And think how good that these slopes, keeping the memories of millions of touch, evoke a sense of primeval rest. The sharp sounds of modernity here do not interfere with listening to quiet the noise of eternity. "Only the nature of suffering invisible spirit is given to heal.

Perhaps the most striking sign of civilization in the fact that there was no noticeable too deep traces of human presence. But if we return to reality, everything is easier. Three times a day at the appointed hour to the old pump room at the foot of the hill flock protected human streams. Sucking a flat cup with a spout their hope for a cure called "Naftusya, vacationers drink every day, 20,000 liters of water, and the next day it does not become smaller.

In the evening, after a good treatment procedures and a good dinner, they gather, raznonatsionalnye, multilingual, in small cafes along the avenue, and when it is determined condition of homesickness, sing folk songs. Students, of course, much more interesting. They walk from one cafe to another, and enjoy it an international concert, which is similar and the game, and the competition. However, during the Soviet era flavor, you know, was varied. Local people appreciate the tradition and hope that she will not die, and among the Pepsi generation there will be its guardian.

When the shouting that folk culture is dying, do not believe it. Money, it does not, as in the entire national - it's true. But no market-no power over the soul. That's it we are drawn to nature, sometimes requires vodka and delays: "Oh, have лузі, лузі. So Truskavets people come not only to treat stomach, kidney flush and unbend joints. Still here rejuvenates the body and the soul rests. Tool Makropoulos, whereby Truskavets will live forever, consists of many components. Let them explore the ...

The first mention of Truskavets dated 1471 year. This is a contract for the sale of rights to perpetual lease Truskavetc brothers Ignatius of Tustanovichey and Andrew from Lyubenichey. Eternity lasted for relatively short periods: 370 years. Mined in these parts table salt. As yet, the forest north of the city is the bathhouse (sauna - saline). In 1841, in the annals Truskavets possessions new names of tenants - Franz Blenk and Ignat Oblochinsky. Mention and crafts: oil, mineral wax, sulfur, lead and zinc ores. The official date of birth is considered a resort in 1827. It was not business, just a little moneymaker: the old inn made an addition with eight cabins for hydrogen sulfide baths and built four cottages for guests.

Since the beginning of XIX century began the scientific study of mineral resources, especially "Naftusya. Geologists have determined that its deposit was formed at the place where previously focused oil and mineral wax. The slope of the beam, filtering the precipitation, at a depth of 30-50 m forms a unique water resources. Sacrament of origin "Naftusya" is to draw water from the rock of organic substances, and this process is somewhat reminiscent of a fertilized egg in a living organism.

By and large this is not water, and a multicomponent system, which includes dissolved in water, gases (hydrogen sulfide, methane and carbon dioxide), solids (hydrogen carbonate, calcium and magnesium) and micro-organisms. Each milliliter - 1,5-3 millions of bacteria. Some of them are fed amino substances and emit ammonia, other oxidize ammonia to that of nitrates and nitrites, and others recycle them into nitrogen, demonstrating waste technologies. In short, there is a whole world of living by its own laws, and striking in its perfection.

Not in vain "Naftusya" called living water. Entering from the bosom of mother earth to the surface, it quickly loses its activity, and one day die. However, a person skilled learned to save fastidious water up to two weeks, getting it out of the well and avoid contact with oxygen.

Of breathable oil ozokerite (a word formed from ozo - smell and keros - wax) used to make candles and even delivered to the Vatican. Its medicinal properties have opened unexpectedly. As often happens in extreme conditions. In 1942, a Moscow professor Simon Lepskiy ozokerit used instead of paraffin for the treatment of purulent wounds and inflammatory processes. Since ozokeritotherapy widely used in medicine as applications bronchitis, arthrosis, prostatitis, periodontitis, and even infertility.

Another component of the elixir of life - healing salt "Barbara", which is produced from chloride-sulphate-sodium brine with a salinity of 400 g/kub.dm. She is appointed with chronic liver disease, gall bladder, colon, musculoskeletal and nervous system. Now salt "Barbara", have been sold in every pharmacy, and then disappeared again in the arsenal of physicians.

Since 1892, Truskavets transferred to collective ownership, and the new owners, gentlemen Sapieha and Zholtovsky, set a goal - to raise the level of the resort to the European. But the real heyday began in 1911, when the company was headed by Raymond Jaros. Was constructed railway, built houses and building of the station, conducted electricity. By 1931, it was already in Truskavets 3000 inhabitants, and came to rest more than 15 thousand. The next fifty years have brought him the reputation of one of the most prestigious resorts in the Soviet Union. It was invested almost 500 million rubles - great for those times the money. Truskavets became the all-union health resort, and annually and resorts vacation up to 170 thousand people, not counting those who came to the "savages".

In times of yore in the "free flight" in Truskavets both stayed up to 45 thousand guests. There was a comprehensive plan of development in which everything was calculated and taken into account: how many clinics (there were three who worked in shifts) and how many doctors (more than 1000 doctors and 3,5 thousand nurses) need to serve so many sufferers.

Experiencing an economic crisis 90 years, the best spa resort in Ukraine did not become worse. People, quite wealthy, traveled to Europe, understood that in Truskavets also invite you to relax and, most importantly, cheap. Themselves truskavchane, knowing that at some traditions and achievements of domestic medicine does not go far, began to look for a new propeller. They came some time and resources required Makropoulos heating.

To start a plan, identifying areas of the resort business: the organization of retail services (cafes, bars, shops), construction of comfortable guest houses to 50-70 seats, the reconstruction of Superior rooms, large spa, organization of small tourism (travel to the mountains in summer and winter, theaters and museums of Lviv), construction of swimming pools, gyms and playgrounds; the most modern medical services.

Everything - from the mayor to journalists - understand that the tourism industry involves not only the development of infrastructure. It is a whole range of services, which includes the word "comfortable", "comfortable", "quality" and even anything you wish. Fashionable word "infrastructure" tourists do not fetch, give him not only good roads, modern communications, modern territory, but also entertainment. People want to relax nicely. To the soul unfolded ... and curled a long time. And for a small fee. City authorities are aware of this.