Who won and who lost during the construction of capitalism in Russia?

Who won and who lost during the construction of capitalism in Russia? In the process of destruction of the old Soviet way of life and the construction of the new capitalist there are winners and losers. As, however, and in any process of change in society. It is interesting to look at whether the country has won a whole of all these rather global shocks.

During perestroika view was that to build capitalism in our country is no easier than from the finished omelet to make raw eggs. And indeed, in the early nineties harsh against the gangster mayhem very difficult to assume that the country will rise from his knees, and once again begin flights of strategic bombers over the adjacent territories. And the president will all (well, almost all) adorable comes from intelligence.

With so influenced the country: high oil prices or a major systemic change? What is now being built: a new empire or European-style democratic state? The answer to these questions can only be realized who won and who lost in the battle for the bright capitalist future. So, let's begin.

  Pensioners. Lost unambiguously. It even analyze not. Incomes of pensioners have fallen ten times in relation to the Soviet period. But so is life, it is this category of citizens with might and main supports the ruling party. And the Duma elections they ensured the victory of United Russia. Probably, in the first place, because the state has full control over television broadcasting, and pensioners - most grateful viewers.

  Workers. Benefit those who have high qualifications. Good working now routinely receives thousands of dollars. Only good specialists in the country is very small, but employers are now willing to pay for high-skilled work, even very good money.

  Peasants. Among the losers. During the sixties and seventies in the village began to live well. Now in Non-Black Earth-complete collapse. Perhaps only in the southern areas of the country's peasants live pretty tolerable.

  Engineers. Rather lost. In the 90's it was a dirty word. We were in demand, but in certain industries. Won by those who at one time there were in the oil and gas institutes. Most of the engineers of the Soviet preparation work by anyone, anywhere.

  Military. In general, lost. But now beginning to take revenge.

  Police and security services. Definitely won. Now, under their (albeit not direct) control is almost the entire Russian business. Turned into service centers of power. Something like maids and waiters. "Dinner is served". Hopefully, not all. But faith less.

  Entrepreneurs. Won. But this is a temporary victory. Now there is an active strangulation of small businesses. Soon will only be serving the oligarchs and their staff.

  Clergy. Judging on what cars they drive - won. And bad.

  Doctors, teachers. Lost unambiguously. In addition to working in the private sector and serving the rich.

  Students. Lost. Previously, the scholarship could be a month of work, but to live. And the quality of education have declined markedly.

  Officials. Won more than anyone. Sorvali jackpot. Budgetary funds consider their own. Look at countries as a company in which they have controlling interest.