Gold - the first open man metal. For centuries it was used as a measure of value and in jewelry" />

Who needs gold?

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 Who needs gold? Gold - the first open man metal. For centuries it was used as a measure of value and in jewelry. And not only. In ancient times believed that gold has not only a heavy material value, but also the mystical healing properties.

The ancients were convinced that in possession of gold will not know sorrow, and the more gold, the happier will be on his mind.

If gold cauterize the area under the heart, it would help cure heart disease.
If a gold needle to pierce his ear, then made a hole no longer heal.
If a child has a gold necklace around his neck, it is its soothing, protects against epilepsy.
If you hold gold in your mouth, it will help with sore throat, make breath pleasant.

Gold plate in Ancient Greece and Rome used as a means privorotnoe. It was believed by the ancients, that gold helps to get rid of diseases, mental disorders and shyness, and gold plate does not admit the neighborhood with poisons.

Currently, this noble yellow metal, thanks to its properties, high resistance to corrosion, electrical conductivity, exceptional chemical resistance, plasticity has found wider application.

Gold in many countries is the basis of the monetary system, so the vast amount of gold stored in the cellars of banks to ensure that the outstanding bills. In the underground bank safes leaves the bulk of gold production.

Gold is used in medicine, namely, about 2% of the total production goes to the dentures. It is used alloys, with a sample 585 and above. They are solid and strong, are not amenable to the action of nitric acid.

In dentoprosthetic rehabilitation gold and its alloys used for making jewelry. At the jewelry in the form of earrings, pendants, chains, rings, brooches are about 10% of the gold.

In recent years, and industry began to show increased interest in gold. The technique of gold and its alloys are used for more than dentures, but less than jewelry - about 7-8% of world production. Engineers very seriously for this metal, it is important not so much glitter of gold as its chemical inertness, good electrical conductivity, the possibility of obtaining ultrathin foil and wire.

Gold - is very expensive and technically necessary material. Due to the high chemical resistance of gold is indispensable for the manufacture of various kinds of contacts, thin technical devices, including such common ones as resonators, oscillators frequencies.

The technique of gold is also used in the form of alloys with other metals.

The main focus today in the use of gold began to electronics. A lot of gold is to protect the copper in microboards. The electrodes in the quartz oscillators - silver, but gold-plated top, ideal for electrical conductivity and high chemical resistance. Gold alloy is widely used for making contacts in the radio equipment in the telephone equipment.

Parts made of gold and their alloys, successfully working on the most critical parts of complex computing machines. Do not accidentally say: the future belongs to machines with a golden brain.

Gold coating used in aviation technology for the manufacture of reflectors. Coatings of gold - very fine gold foil inside and out, covering the engine housing of supersonic aircraft, protect them from corrosion and heat. Gold coating protects the spacecraft from the infrared radiation.

The smoothest mirror surface of the telescope were able to create in the late 80's. This surface, deposited thin layer of gold, has a convex, height does not exceed a layer of three atoms.

Gold is also used as a welding material - gold seams can withstand temperatures up to 870