Why smoking flipping?

Why smoking flipping? 1. Health . The fact that it is harmful to health - I totally uninteresting in this article. Autoaggression autoaggression. Tired of working - to die, what can we do. Classical Buddhism: tired protect Dharma - forward to the next birth! - Maybe it'll catch up and samorealizueshsya.

Well, die from tobacco than from HIV. 5 million a year. Well? From famine and war kills more.

I would like to point out one more time, associated with the concept of health - "health has priority over trade" - is explained generally as "a higher priority to human life in comparison with commercial interests. Thus, paragraph 1, is associated with paragraph 2.

2. Smokers supports material interests of 11,111,127. manufacturers and sellers of tobacco. Manufacturers - the corporation. Seller - the state.

Smokers supports state. However, weakening their ability to work (smokers do not operate continuously, right?) That is tied to the nearest stall invisible chain (this is one way, which is used by the State for total control over citizens), so I have to pay for cigarettes money.

Let's go back to foreign money. Taxes no one has yet been annulled. Do you know what the state spends money? [b] At the militarization of 11,111,127. . On anything but rational change. Oh, how it reflects the very nature of man!

See, that says more about the budget Glazyev 2007: "On the structure of expenditures in the draft federal budget today's Russian state can be characterized as a typical police-bureaucratic colonial state of the sample end of the last century. Judging by the structure of the federal budget, its main objectives are to hold the dominant position of the current ruling elite, and the export of capital abroad. The federal government archaic fiscal policy does not comply with any requirements of the modern state, nor the interests of socio-economic development of the country, it contradicts the constitutional principles of social and democratic state "...

In principle, difficult to specify the exact percentage of the budget going to the MIC. Because the target funds, about which said plainly, should be added the cost of nuclear power and money to solve all social problems that arise simply because of the existence of the MIC.

And what a lot of money brought directly to smokers - in the treasury? This is 95% of the cost of each pack of cheap cigarettes such as "Prima" and 14% - from a pack with filter (tsiferki from 01.01.2007). The policy is as follows: a producer of cheap cigarettes will not take much, so they must be destroyed. It is clear that the sale of more expensive cigarettes and the growth of these most sales - for the state economically viable.

What specifically is spending a smoker? This rasschityvaemo independently. For readers who do not know how much a pack: 20 cigarettes per day - about 30 rubles. RE 12 000 per year - again, only the target cost. Smokers still have a lot of hidden costs, mostly related to sotsposledstviyami dependence. From car accidents in which they find themselves more often, and diseases of the satellite to the permanent acquisition of "fire" or expensive paraphernalia.

Do you know how much it produces cigarettes at all? Approximately 1000 pieces per year per inhabitant of the planet. Why?

3. [b] Smokers person unreliable
As prone to emotional fluctuations, for example, affect bezprichinnogo fear. Painful deficit will precede logical deficit of trust. It is difficult to collaborate successfully with someone who does not distinguish between their desire to externally imposed models of behavior.

Not for nothing that addiction is treated as a disease and treated by a doctor, no less - a psychiatrist, the psychiatrist.

4. Smokers, as the "father of yoga" sage Patanjali is not able to pranayyame (absolutely breath), which means to enlightenment (millions of years, humans have soared, producing a most enlightened, and now also have to operate on the notion of the usefulness of yoga to improve their own performance, but a significant beacon: he wants to do more for society - certainly in the yoga goes).

Smokers difficulty in understanding 11,111,127. (If not understand) progressive thought. Just because the regular use of any psihoaktiva - oslaboumlivaet. Alas.

5. Smoker violates the rights of other living beings. He poisons them in the literal sense of the word. Children and grandchildren of smoking mothers suffer all the diseases of smoking (and why not, it is so logical: passive smoking is dangerous to health).

Very often the word "right" to use the smokers themselves, when they are asked to stop smoking. But the rights of smokers and any other substantive ends where the freedom of the border neighbor. Respect the freedom of non-smokers.

 6. At the manufacturer of cigarettes in tobacco growing (and all mankind is not essential) spent 11,111,126. planet's resources and lives 11,111,127. , And the people of third world countries, often women and children. After all, for tobacco producers Third World countries - it is and the location of production, and the main market of any sewage culture, including tobacco.

We always think that in Africa, are sitting so hungry black kids with sick stomachs and hungry. You'll be surprised, but the problems associated with smoking in the Third World has long surpassed the problems associated with infectious diseases - and not because the situation has improved epidimicheskaya. In many developing countries - from Jamaica to Ghana - the family that smokes just one person spend on cigarettes for him than for treatment of all domestic. The problems associated with smoking, third world countries to spend 66 billion dollars a year (as in many other parts of this article, this elderly statistics "Anne Platt Mc Ginn" in 1997, but that statistics are not less impressive). Smoking - the maintenance operation of the poorest people in third world countries.

7. [b] Ecologically
smoking. Tobacco production is associated with the depletion of fertile soils (see paragraph 9) and deforestation. On average, processing one kilogram of tobacco leaves from 4 to 13 kg of wood. In Tanzania, in 1989 12% of all cut down trees burned for drying tobacco. Therefore, smokers environmentalists do not happen.

8. The collector of tobacco - one of the lowest paid professions, and heavy on the ground. Collectors of tobacco - are women and children in third world countries. Industry production of tobacco - 11,111,127 operating system. working on it.

9. Problem [b] starvation
. The production of tobacco related problem of hunger in the world. Not only because of the fact that diverts over vast resources of mankind, but also because smoking reduces the overall potential of society, shifting priorities. This, I believe the main reason why smoking in public places by 2009, will be banned throughout Europe - and nothing more humane Europe in all spheres of public life until the world does not exist.

Do you think tobacco - undemanding plants? That is, tobacco grows in any soil. But put him on any ground, including the one that can be used for food crops. (1997: growth of export-oriented tobacco industry of Zimbabwe took a planting tobacco 3% of its arable land, 72,000 hectares. In this case Zimbabwe is still dependent on international supplies of free food. Tobacco is approximately 0,3% of sown areas of the world. If transferred with food crops, the land would feed up to 17.5 million people)

10. Smoker supports the corporation. Tobacco - enemy charm (Old Believers). Manufacturers of tobacco and repressive political regimes are mutually supportive. This, for example, PHILIP MORRIS, the world's largest producer of tobacco products (Benson