What good this kind stone - amber?

What good this kind stone - amber? Amber - a beautiful name!

Call amber fossil resins mainly yellow, red, brown and white. Age amber 35-140 million years.

It may be that amber - one of the first gems, which ancient people used as decorations and for medicinal purposes. In any case, it is often found in the cave, an ancient human and Neolithic monuments.

Since the origin of amber involves a lot of myths and legends. Its origin for the ancient people have been shrouded in mystery. For example, the Arabs claimed that amber - this is fallen from heaven, hardened dew. The Greeks believed that the petrified tears for the dead Phaeton - son of the Sun God.

Name amber - «ambre» Romans took from the Arabic language. The Germans called amber «bernstein» - a distorted "combustible stone", because the amber light is easy, beautiful flame burns with a pleasant smell. Similarly, the Ukrainians call amber "burnt stones" or "burshtin.

The Greeks called amber electron or elektriumom, is the name of the star in the constellation Taurus. In appearance the same warm amber, like a star Electra.

Homer in the Odyssey three times mentions amber. Hats adorned the Egyptian pharaohs amber. In the corona, the Roman Emperor Nero was also this stone. In general, in the era of Nero's villa trimmed with amber and swimming pools.

In 600 BC the famous Greek philosopher Thales of Miletus described the presence of electrostatic properties of amber, and it is this circumstance that we must see the word "electricity" and "electronics".

It is believed that the ancient Russian name Amber "alatyr-stone" or "latyr" also comes from the Greek "electron".

Later in the Slavic languages in its name "amber" amber ", by analogy with the Lithuanian« gintaras »(from the word" Ginty "- to protect). The Latvians called amber Dzintars.

Amber deposits are scattered throughout the world, but most of it in the Baltic States and the Dominican Republic.

The most common - Baltic amber, but is also known amber from the Ukraine and the North Sea coast. The largest amber deposit in Russia is located in the Kaliningrad region.

Find Amber could simply walking along the seashore. The largest piece of amber found on the shore of the Baltic Sea, weighed 12 kg. In total in the history of discoveries of amber was found not more than ten pieces weighing over 5 kg. In 1862, during a storm Baltic Sea ashore nearly two tons of amber.

Sicilian amber (Simet) softer than the Baltic, there is no succinic acid. He has a beautiful ornamental qualities. Sicilian amber can be blue and purple. Rare black amber. Are rare as pink and red amber. There are amber-colored, so that even hard to say what he is color.

A valuable property of amber - the transparency, the ability to pass light rays. Amber is a form suitable for the manufacture miniskulptur. As a result of oxidation of reduced transparency of amber. Opaque amber enlightens by boiling in linseed oil and ignition. Bubbles during the boiling filled with fat and begin to transmit light.

Amber in ancient times not only enlightens but also painted in different colors: blue, green, red, yellow.

Amber - perhaps the most accessible and beautiful stone. Amber in our time are inexpensive, and everyone can buy them.

Healing properties of amber are well known. Amber has a positive effect on the spleen, heart, thyroid gland. Amber takes the pain of teething in young kids.

Smokers who use mouthpieces from amber, believe that reduces the risk of lung cancer. Amber Polish vodka good cures angina.

Amber is well removes the headache. Stroke amber near the patient's seats counterclockwise and in 10-15 minutes - the pain subsides. Amber softens the impact on people in the weather and magnetic storms.

In light yellow and milky white amber is succinic acid, namely it has healing properties.