Is it possible to protect against nanomoshennikov?

Is it possible to protect against nanomoshennikov? The prefix "nano" in our rapidly becoming fashionable. And many manufacturers use this product. Advertised many products with the same name, but have no relation to real nanotechnology.

Attempts specialists просветить народ и уберечь от ненужной траты денег теряются в обилии вокруг нас агрессивной рекламы. И даже выступление Vice-Premier of the Russian government on this issue is insufficient.

Nice to see the logical sequence of actions of Russia's leadership in the field of nanotechnology. A program of development based on actual possibilities of our science . Allocated large sums of money. Conducted for appointing heads of scientific fields - not government officials and prominent scientists already have had success in this area.

We are specialists in this field, has really feel all that. Salary, scientific instruments. And most important - prepared by new results. It hurt that they are lost in an avalanche of fraud. Even without fraud, it still needs to be able to do, but simply self-styled products. So - the government makes another smart move.

January 17, 2008 the regular meeting of the Russian government. It was made by the Minister of Education and Science Andrei Fursenko. He told me about the present level of nanotechnology in Russia. He said he had already developed a new type of steel on the basis of nanotechnology. This steel is used for laying pipelines and the establishment of special platforms for the production of energy.

In addition, noted Fursenko, Russia established catalysts for the processing of oil and associated gas cleaning. One of the units constructed on the basis of nanotechnology, will earn by the end of this year at one of domestic enterprises.
Furthermore, based on nanotechnology developed new approaches in diagnosis of socially dangerous diseases. Created by Russian scientists biochip can reduce diagnosis time from several weeks to one day. The minister said that this approach gives a huge economic impact.

And most importantly, Fursenko admitted that there are barriers to exit nano to mass production. The minister believes that the state should pay attention to issues related to the commercialization of the industry. According to him, the further development of nanotechnology is achievable not only in continuing the financial support provided by the state-level research and development work, but when taking a number of regulatory decisions.

Tasks requiring urgent decisions, the Minister took the creation of classifier nanotechnological products. According to Fursenko, it will prevent unscrupulous traders to use the word "nano" in advertising their own products. He acknowledged the obvious - that now some are speculating on this buzzword. At the same time, their products are irrelevant to real Nanotechnology has said Fursenko.