Why pereozvuchivayut old Soviet cartoons?

Why pereozvuchivayut old Soviet cartoons? Not so long ago in one of the TV channels I stumbled on the cartoon "Moydodyr. Usually, when applied to a cartoon, I turn to another channel, but there is something caught my attention. A few seconds later all became clear - the sound of a cartoon a friend! For several weeks I found almost a half dozen fully dubbed cartoons, including such masterpieces as "The Golden antelope", "Geese-swans", "Scarlet Flower", "Orange neck.

Watch them to man who is accustomed to the original sound, it is absolutely impossible. There is a steady sense that first-year student music school attended and wrote the original version of the orchestration, not heard at the same time almost half of instruments. And a programmer, not having even a rudimentary understanding of music, filled all his arm and lost the sound card for 300 rubles. I had this ten years ago, ESS1868 - the sound of one to one, a bucket of bolts. And that instead of symphony orchestra! "Ozvuchateli" - hard to call them artists - absolutely not get into the articulation of the characters, so do not get that sometimes diverge for a second and more. Look at any old cartoon, to which the "restorers" have not yet arrived - perfect synchronization in time to say even dolls. Also, can someone replace voice Babanov, Karapetyan, Vitsin, Papanova, Rumyanovoy? The whole sound is a kind of echo, most likely the room was not acoustically prepared. All together, leads to the fact that the image is perceived separately from the sound, well, not combined masterpiece and stuff in one bottle!

Who and above all - why - does it? The first question is to find the answer is quite simple. At the end of each mangled cartoon appear - OOO "Studio AU" 2000 and "Children's session 1" 2001. Find information about the first figures could not be - "aces" were so "professional" that no traces on the Internet have left. Second, unfortunately, still exist. The website of the company, by the way, rather crudely, laid directory of forty cartoons with disabilities, next to each name proudly showing off - "new version". Rate refinement - air and cable TV channels, offers a directory containing a 11:00 best of cartoons in the new version (restoration of an image and a new sound) produced by the world famous masters of film studio "Soyuzmultfilm" ... Even if we ignore the absurdity of the phrase itself, from the "masters of ... "You can agree, but with the" restoration "- absolutely not.

So why is it done? I will say at once that no formal response can not be found, "restoration" that secret jealously guarded. Therefore, I can offer several versions, often discussed on the Internet.

  Version 1. Source Sound cartoon lost due to the usual Russian razdolbaystva, therefore rewrite sound - better than nothing. Version rather shaky. Based on the most storage technology cartoons, a total loss of sound and save the picture is very difficult. In addition, the archives of the television, on CDs and cassettes of individuals, finally, certainly left a copy of acceptable quality. And most importantly - on some channels such as cartoons go with the original sound.

  Version 2. Cartoons overdubbed to bring them to modern audio format for normal playback in cinemas and home cinemas, and the original soundtrack of this can be done. The same does not go ... Do not want to redraw the "Mona Lisa" because it does not get scanned? Absurd? But the Children's Session 1 "exactly what would have done ... In addition to other restorers, this time without the quotes, it is possible to carry and movies, and cartoons in the new format, not to replace the orchestra hurdy-gurdy, and national artists -" artists "of the people .

This version of the technical end and begin legal-related copyrights to these cartoons.

  Version 3. The company was able to buy the rights only to the image and the sound of that money was not enough, or did not sell it. I had to replace themselves. At first glance, this version is the most unreal of all mentioned. How can a cartoon be sold piece by piece? But on the other hand, why the sound of the cartoon may not be suitable for the company? Option one - he is a foreign language.

And here it is worth remembering what happened to the "Soyuzmultfilm" in the unforgettable 90th. And that's what happened. In Soviet times the state studio Soyuzmultfilm "on public money removed state cartoons that appear on public television and in public cinemas. And you are no copyrights. After the universal collapse of cartoons for some strange reason does not become the property of the state, and "rental" company "Soyuzmultfilm. Although the reason is clear - public men at that time shared the pieces bigger. And behold, this collection of fifteen hundred cartoons, taken more than fifty years the studio has become a curse for the new "Soyuzmultfilm. As a company with technological equipment, labor collective, tradition, finally, the studio was useless. But as manager of the collection - is another matter.

And disposes of "Soyuzmultfilm", represented by its director, a collection of cool. In the early nineties, the right to a sizeable proportion of cartoons sold to the former Soviet actor Oleg Vidov and his wife - an American businesswomen Joan Borsteyn. Sale right to peremontazh, pereozvuchivanie and rolled on foreign territory. Thus, cartoons smoothly go abroad.

Contrary to popular belief, that this "Soyuzmultfilm" robbed our children's favorite cartoon, nothing like that happened. Note - the right to hire on foreign territory. More precisely - beyond Russia and CIS countries. By the way, Oleg Vidov and his wife pretty well restored and transferred cartoons, investing in this business a few million dollars. Did they recoup the costs to business are not applicable.

We are interested in total - who by the year, the collection of orders in Russia, was not entirely clear. But somewhere not too far accumulated a good quality cartoons, but - that's bad luck - in English. And looming quite plausible answer to the original question - these copies somehow got into our leaders. And that's why had to carry the entire English-language soundtrack and record it in Russian again.

Made all the usual - less money, faster. So hire someone cheaper. The credits can even specify a new name, still nobody knows them. What is not clear that these companies "ozvukovschikov" makes V. Konkin, good, in general, an artist. It was he who could not understand what was going something wrong.