What we saw Belarus?

What we saw Belarus? Let's talk about the friendship of peoples. If we are friends, so friends globally. For example, take our people that inhabited the Slavic peoples. Belarusians, Ukrainians and Russians are all the same from one got out of diapers.

Our friendship since the days of Kievan Rus went. Although they say even earlier to each other in the visitors ran. But think, and where you are with a stone club on his shoulders reach? So, with the visit of friendship a little delayed. While horses are not tamed. Yes, although some roads built near what. And what of our good roads without traffic police. Did you know that the first road inspector was Ilya, nicknamed Muromets? Toured with fellow Dobrynia Nikitich yes Alyosha Popovich entrusted to them the territory. In order watched the villains of violators caught.

And went in those days a lot. They gathered thoroughly. After the road-it is often not a one-month was. Packed on carts belongings. Yes, and serve tables had to think about. There were canoes on the Dnieper River. Far could swim. For the river-it almost from sea to sea stretches.

By the way, and tourism in those days was at the height. There was a particularly popular route "From the Vikings to the Greeks". All as expected. Category boating with elements of extreme. From inspection of local attractions. With the consent of Aboriginal or not, that's how fell to the situation. And with prizes, which themselves tourists themselves caught in the course of motion.

Later in the matter began to include more thoroughly. Began to develop corporate tourism. This is so not alone, and organized, the whole company. To have survived the description of one of these tours. It was called the Mongol-Tatar yoke. And the word is found though! This is probably the fact that the main transport were horses. Imagine, a few months in the saddle. Here, if the horse zarzhesh.

And much more recently, another campaign was. Some Germany's Corporal somehow thought for a swig of good Bavarian beer - but not for us to go to the east? And organized the same grandiose tour. And in the category of military tourism. Everything was as expected scenario. Large selection of transport aircraft to tanks and ships. Interesting sights. That only changes the course had to make a thorough. And, for some reason, mostly initiated by local people. They returned, not all. Understand the need - extreme after all. But the ethnographic souvenirs. In the sandals on his feet and fashionable handkerchief on his head. The people of something our kind, generous, if so what, then heartily.

Until now, some can not retrain. It is said that one of the Belarusian village here recently jumped out of the woods so the old grandfather. But with a gun over his shoulder. Well, this is to fully comply with the image. Runs - Grandma, the Germans in the village have? And she to him, - dearest, war is something 60 years ago as over something. - Phew. And I still train derailed shoot ...

Do you think in our time wanderlust wasted? No Way! Here, just a few days ago, journalists on a visit of friendship went to Belarus. You ask who are the journalists? You know, this breed was. On the surface like so on the ordinary people alike. And in fact ... If we compare, then these creatures and think hard. Once it grabbed, then all the better by just giving up.

How was it? It all started in the morning on Monday. Why morning? So it is not unknown Pooh substantiated. As for Monday, so all the good deeds to do so relies. So, gathered over a cup of tea. Other no-no, do not think. They listened to fatherly farewell to the track. They got into the bus and drove off. Although already through some three hours at the border have already met.

Think! The word, then what the boundary. And it is between our fraternal peoples. Sluzhivyi people start to ask something, something just need to show. Somehow, he recalled a similar case. The border guard asks for a thorough peasant, - currency, drugs, weapons are there? Of course, he says, and opens the suitcase. And there is this good, and not only - in abundance. - It is your own? - No, it's yours, mine is in the trunk.

So, but on the other side we have already met. With bread and salt. With police and hutkoy dapamogoy. The latter - are those in the white a typewriter and go all in white, the doctors are called. Well, we tasted the bread, brought greetings and moved on. So a ceremonial departure. With illumination. The lights are a little red, a blue front on a police car and flashing. Again, something to remember. One policeman in the car asked the other, sitting side by side - look, Flasher something works? He leaned out the window and replied - working, not working, working ...

But let us not digress. We traveled on the international highway for long. Soon turned off somewhere to the side and plunged into the forest. Behind them stretched the field, the field ... And strangely enough, all well maintained. Just can not believe my eyes. When asked whose it is all the answer, just like in a fairy tale "Puss in Boots. Remember, everything is answered, - Marquis of Carabas, and so at every turn. Just so, and us. Only the property was farm "Sozh. It turned out that the mysterious name gone from the river that flows nearby. A great economy. Incidentally, the largest in the Gomel region.

And then we planted a pig. And not one, but more than a hundred thousand. Do not you understand? Just took us to the pig-breeding complex. Once upon a time, even during the Soviet times these were only four. Can you imagine how disgusting lit. Just kind of sabotage. You'll see, soon Ukrainians will have the Belarusian fat. It is not enough owners thought. An even more extended. And the service staff at hryushek are more than a thousand people.

Although, we must honestly admit that the conditions for people, too, is even nothing. Brand-new cottages available. Do you want to pay the rent. And you can take on credit for forty years. Paid a little. But this is all yours. Speaking of salaries. How do you like three hundred dollars and in the countryside? And this is all finished. In addition, kindergartens, clinics, sports complex. Just envious. So want to send all, well you know and where to migrate to these places of permanent residence. The mood improved slightly, when a little bite to eat, what God has sent. In the role of plenipotentiaries Almighty, as you know, were the owners of this land. And what was on the table ... It's just a pen can not describe. So far his heavy and slightly osolovevshie moved on.

That said, peace is built on contrasts. We went to the village - so needed and the plant to look. In the role of the latter was Gomselmash. Do you have a small factory! Such a city within a city. And it still works! And well, with the works. Once he was a monopolist, let foragers. I saw once. Something green and strashnenkoe. Evidently, the conclusions were made. And now here comes almost all the equipment for our poor village. And not just for ours. And not only for the poor. It turns out, and damned capitalists from the West do not stop to buy a child Gomel masters. And why not buy? All, as they say on the level. And the design and execution. By the way, and looks very nice even look. Even our young ladies liked it. And as a raisin, we have demonstrated laser complex. All he can. Do not just dance. And as a souvenir, each carries with him the emblem of the plant, carefully cut a smart machine.

The final blow of the day, Uppercut, as they call it in boxing, was a visit to radiological medical center. What do you say? Even the analogy is hard to find. Anyway, like I have so far not seen. Palace of medicine, open to all. That's what it is. Ultramodern equipment, combined with comfort. What's here? You had better ask, what is not here. I, for example, the answer to this question and found nothing.

So absolutely stunned by what they saw late in the evening we drove to the hotel. Any normal person after such a busy day collapse on the bed, barely get to her. But it's people. Here journalists. They cast things lightly rinsed muzzle face and forward - on a night walk through the city. For another time we just did not exist. And want to see everything.

After wandering back to an hour, we decided that we should know and honor. And the leftovers got the same enthusiasm to their beds. We fell asleep at once, like dead people. Needless to say, that any dreams never seen again.

Do you know who is the biggest enemy of man? Of course, the alarm clock! It intrudes into the inner sanctum and brazenly pulls you out of the sweet embrace of Morpheus. Who said good morning? Correctly say good morning does not happen. Purely on the machine down to the restaurant. This action is a little mention. How do I love these buffet! Come and take a what you want. Frankly, I do not know how to survive the hotel. After all, our man just let it come to slack. Through force of will huddle. Although all the same breakfast special changes in mood does not work. The bus is a land of nod. However, the road is calling.

The first stop is traditional. Of course, the agricultural enterprise. At this time it is called "Bobovsky" and is located in the Zhlobin District. Again the same cottages. The same conditions for workers. Only slightly different specialization. Well, not with so much on people scoff! Envious same. They looked in the local kindergarten. We were met by a troop of children around the same age. So, as with fertility are probably all right.

At the entrance to the center of the district saw a huge construction of a palace type. Was indeed the palace, only sports. Do not miss the chance to at least one eye to look inside. What do you say? You should see your own eyes. Ice rink, swimming pool, a water complex, yet there is something. And tell us, in the near future will be built near water sports stadium and a rowing canal. Frankly, such a complex and some of the capital would have envied. And this is just a regional center.

But time is running. Our next target is the "Belarusian Metallurgical Works". Strictly speaking, this is a city built for him. Who was on such a venture, can not imagine it. Cyclopean dimensions. Kilometres stretching shops. As soon as the wheels do not fall under the strange-looking cars. How do you say? Imagine a tall glass with 10 meters that way. And he mounted on self-propelled machinery with a strange number of wheels. As explained to us that the vehicle carries the liquid metal from one shop to another.

Rolling mill something reminded artillery. The principle of operation is simple. On the one hand served a bar of metal, resembling iron pole rectangular cross section. It is with great speed sweeps between the rollers. And the result is a finished product. Whether a profile, or wire. But it's all on paper only. But in reality, just the sight is impressive. The bright yellow piece of metal of a few meters suddenly express train rushes past you.

Pride Factory is a plant for production of automobile cord. Simply put, a metal wire serving power frame for automobile tires. We were immediately told to not try to break, easy to get hurt. Of course, good advice does not listen. Attempts were. Injuries too. Well, that at the entrance to each was handed a gift on the model of this product. Evidently, the experience is. After all, our tribe so do not give themselves expropriated. Thankfully, that the scope as much herself requested - fishing for predatory fish. Incidentally, this same cord is used to host such world's leading tire manufacturers like Michelin and Goodyear. " Also similar products buys U.S. space agency NASA. Imagine living.

Some went away during lunch, we move on. Glass Elizovo "is an island of capitalism in this, I do not know how to say it, the country. This is a joint venture with the Austrians. Once it was his common enterprise producing ordinary glass jars. Now they are also produced. Including. And besides, bottles of all sizes and purpose. It was amusing to see the spitting machine. Exactly. They say that spitting - it is not culturally. But it turns out, sometimes simply beautiful. Imagine a fiery balls of glass, flying with a crazy speed. One after the other. And everyone falls in exactly designed specifically for him, place. Stunner!

A museum in the factory met with a muff. No, this is not what you think. Just when he was called billets for the manufacture of sheet glass. A number of exhibition of old and kind of cut glasses. By the way, you know that recently this, downright iconic product was jubilee. Sixty years after all. Respectable age. And apparently, one of the most famous among the broad masses of works by sculptor Vera Mukhina care into oblivion is not threatened. Demand exceeds supply.

Finally at midnight we reach the capital of Belarus. The city welcomed us spillovers set of lights. The next day we face new adventures.

Right from the morning we went to Minsk Tractor Plant. This whole state in the city. On the streets, an authorized and transport. Production probably needs no advertising. Tractors "Belarus" everybody knows. Once released, only one modification. Now we demonstrate a lineup. From simple to motoblock infield before the giant to the endless fields. Although, honestly, I caught a strange-looking unit. Tractor not a tractor, the machine is not a machine. Something very strange. As we have explained, this is a universal vehicle. Want Pasha want Vozi. In general, transportation for all occasions. And nearby was a crawler tractor on rubber tracks. For particularly careful treatment of the soil. Well, that's nice about the nature and are not forgotten.

On a suburban road right beside the road menacing look of the old artillery bunker. A number of heavy tanks. Slightly more of the hill could be seen sweeping contours of missiles. This is the "Stalin Line". Lovingly restored by enthusiasts of a fragment of the Minsk fortified area. Built before the war, he seems now ready to protect borders of the capital.

The history of one, with a view of a small, iron bunker. He was found some distance from this place. All attempts to somehow move from place ended in failure. Weight still reaches twenty-two tons. Unnoticed went some people. We talked, he took the coordinates of the museum. And suddenly a couple of weeks into the yard trailer, where the same bronekolpak. As they say, simple Belarusian millionaire the ideas of revival of their past and decided to help a bit. And totally disinterested. Plates with his name we'll work something not notice. And sometimes happen!

And how do you shoot with this machine gun "Maxim"? Involuntarily deferred in times of Makhno. After all, it was his favorite weapon. Here are just a cart there. Although some of our comrades do not despair. And famously started to roll out in the yard at the relic lorry. Well, what else to the tank they are not allowed. Imagine a crowd of lunatics on the armor? After a good soldier's porridge and compulsory military ounces mood markedly improved. And we can not stop nor fog, nor periodically beginning drizzling rain.

Somewhere in an hour on the streets of a small but famous town of Zhodino. What, you ask, is known for? His car plant, which is called the simple way - BelAZ. I must say, the company is a solid biography. By the way, a third of world output of heavy trucks is just here. Although the tour in the factory museum particular impression does not produce. Well, there are a toy cars. Well, so what.

But when they went into the main assembly hall, then something else. By the way their on Series Two. One issue to light, so to speak, cars. Another - for heavy ones. Yes, I forgot, there is still an experimental workshop. But that's another story. What can I say. It is simply amazing. There is a feeling that you thoroughly uzhali. This is especially true feeling on the second line. They are going up to 250-tonnikov. Immediately there was all - a photo inside the wheel of the mastodon. Incidentally, the place where they are collected, called stocks, by analogy with shipbuilding. And this is true. The magnitude of something similar.

But that's what. The largest, unique machines do in the pilot shop. More recently, a few months ago, came out of his gate 320 tonnik. Rather, it is not normally released. When done, it turned out that this machine at the gate, then do not get through. I had to dismantle the wall of the shop. Of course, since the diameter of wheels - four meters. A cabin stands somewhere in the third floor. The first copy is already working in the quarries of the Kemerovo region of Russia. And in the final stages of assembly are still two cars. Do you think this all? Not likely. Already designed 500-tonnik. You can imagine that? So that, quite dazed by what they saw, late in the evening return to your hotel.

The next morning, makes a place to jump into a gallop. Catch all the necessary, because today is the day of departure.