Useful if mushroom?

Useful if mushroom? On the mushrooms, there are many different legends, tales and rumors, some love them, others are cautious, and some just panic fear them. Such attitudes to mushrooms, is reasonable, but the blame for this not the mushrooms, but people who, because of their ignorance, are often caught in difficult situations that sometimes are fatal. Interestingly, the animals never get into these situations because they know what kind of mushrooms are suitable for food, and what does not.

Therefore, the person before you go into the woods for mushrooms, you must carefully study them. Most poisonous fungi are very similar to edible, and inexperienced mushroom pickers sometimes be found in this trick of nature. But history is well known that many poisonous mushrooms, subject to certain rules of cooking, you can eat.

Well, the fact that many fungi have long been used in various industries, probably known to every schoolchild. For example, the useful properties of yeasts used by people in ancient times in winemaking and in the preparation of dough, a little later useful properties of fungi were used for the preparation of certain dairy and other food products.

Interestingly, scientists still have not reached an opinion, to which the kingdom of fungi include: the plant kingdom or animal kingdom, and therefore it is a wonder of nature is still enigmatic and mysterious status of living organisms. That is what is written about mushrooms in the encyclopaedia:

"Mushrooms, one of the kingdoms of living organisms (previously referred to as lower plants). The attributes of both plants (immobility, apical growth, the presence of cell walls, etc.) and animals (heterotrophic type of metabolism, the presence of chitin, the formation of urea, etc). Over 100 thousand species ... ".

 Useful if mushroom? Now, when about mushrooms, we have more or less clear picture, we go directly to the topic of this work. As we know nature did not create useless, just need to know how you can usefully extract various properties of natural resources. For example, a poisonous fungus Penicillium, at one time was obtained by the first antibiotic, by which, during the Second World War, have been saved many lives.

So now there is nothing surprising in that many of the poisonous mushrooms are drugs.

In France, the mushroom is prepared from a sleeping pill. Based on the obtained mushroom preparation "agarikus muskarius", used modern medicine, vascular spasm, epilepsy, angina, and functional disorders of the spinal cord. Tincture of it has antitumor and immunostimulating effect. Ointment on the basis of fly agaric - an effective tool in radiation injuries of the skin and mucous membranes, x-ray and allergic dermatitis.

Fly agaric (Amanita) - genus of fungi of the family or Mukhomorov Amanitaceae (Amanitaceae). This large plate mushroom cap almost any color: white, yellow, red, green, brown ... controversy in these fungi are white or almost white. Platelets also are always white or slightly yellowish. Most of the poisonous fly agaric, some - deadly poisonous. But there are also edible - it CAESAR mushroom, Blusher and float.

 Useful if mushroom? Mushroom with a bright red cap and white spots - one of the most beautiful forest-dwellers, but it is the most poisonous. But if for someone this handsome presents a mortal danger, for deer and elk it is a medication that helps them get rid of worms. If necessary, these large animals can easily find the desired mushroom and eat it with pleasure.

On the medicinal properties of mushroom known by the ancient healers who used it in his medical practice. History as it is known that ancient Greek athletes before competition ate a small piece of mushroom, it is obvious that served as a kind of doping athletes, which helped them to cheer. History also knows many examples when the wizards and witches, or as they are now called - healers, used for the treatment of patients with amanita.

Especially a lot of references about the use of mushroom as a stimulator or healing potions can be found in the descriptions of life of northern peoples. For example, the Vikings often used the fly agaric on the eve of battle. The researchers argue that the next day during the battle the warriors became fearless and resolute, and made insensitive to pain. It is known that the Cossack chieftain Yermak (? -1585) Spoiled before the fight of his retainers pieces of a dried mushroom, which has narcotic properties.

The use of mushroom in traditional medicine peoples of North and Far East also has a long tradition. Residents of Alaska, Chukotka and Kamchatka anciently resorted to the services of mushroom. In these regions, and to this day using various water and alcohol tinctures mushroom to treat rheumatism, tumors of the glands, tuberculosis and diseases of the nervous system. In Chukotka, has successfully used a poisonous mushroom in the treatment of eczema, gout and multiple sclerosis, a special infusion of mushroom was used as a tonic to relieve physical fatigue. In support of the special popularity of mushroom in Chukotka show and rock drawings, which show the fly agarics in the form of human figures.

All this is necessary to add that the red mushroom is also a drug - a very strong hallucinogen. The concentration of drugs and toxic substances in each mushroom depends on the subspecies of the fungus, from the locality where it grows, climatic conditions and many other factors. Effects of poisons and hallucinogens usually begins within 30-40 minutes after application, so it is often difficult to save the would-be experimenters, who decided to hold the psychedelic experience.

In the chemical composition of mushroom includes Muscarine, mustsinal, betainovaya acid and other compounds from the category of hallucinogens.
Within an hour after eating this mushroom man's face lit up, his eyes widen, and the body falls into a tremor. Such excitability and emancipation poured in ritual dances and chants. But sometimes, that all ended in violent outbursts, and even suicide. No wonder the researchers and some of the peoples of Siberia called fly agaric "mushroom insane. To consume it in food to cause a corresponding state in the Siberian tribes were allowed only to the elite, those who knew how to reach ecstasy and benefit from it. Incidentally, among the carvings in Chukotka archaeologists have discovered the image of fly agaric-like man.

As mentioned above, among the fly agaric found some that cause only a hallucination. Knowing this, some extremals recourse to the laughing mushrooms, in order to fall into a state of nirvana, or get a creative boost.
But the experiment with these mushrooms without some experience and knowledge - is a dangerous business, since they are very similar to their toxic cousins, but the error is fraught with unpredictable consequences.

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