How to build self-esteem in a child?

How to build self-esteem in a child? Formation of self-esteem begins with educating a child's self-confidence. Awareness of their own shortcomings hindering the development of personality, but can give an emotional charge for further growth. The ratio of man to his own shortcomings determines its success.

 We must teach the child to compensate for his lack of accomplishments in one area to another. For example, the boy's parents can help the child to pick up sports section, in which he can succeed. The most difficult thing - to overcome the first stage of training. Encourage your child's smallest successes. But should not praise him at every turn, if you do not want to bring up arrogance and conceit.

 Success in sports entail success in school, because the child will find within themselves the source for new successes, aware of its value. The child self-esteem.

 Low self-esteem is formed when parents adhere to the principles of permissiveness in education. The child creates a sense of insecurity, uncertainty and dependence. A lack of confidence in their strength interferes with the mental activity of the child. It is difficult to achieve success.

 To do this, it is important to define the limits of permissibility, within which the child will develop. Encourage the child accountable for their actions. Focuses on the formation of children's feelings of love and respect for each other, showing a sample of such love in the family. Remember: the mother is raising her child, even in his absence.

 Parents need to aggressively build Children friendly attitude towards each other. Anger, a manifestation of aggression - the result of reaction to life in the modern world of competition and hostility. Sometimes that children learn from their parents, who can not control my emotions and go to the physical punishment of their child.

 Such experiences the child brings to communicate with their peers. Any problem can be solved with fists. Brawl is a game between peers, the only way to achieve recognition.

 In ancient times, people say: resist the whims of your youth, because in old age is more difficult to correct itself. Teach your children to confront his weaknesses, bring stamina, perseverance, discipline.

 Curb the rude behavior of her child, but not physical punishment. Discuss with him the essence of values: kindness, integrity, honesty, integrity, love of truth, etc. Watch the manifestation of these values in your child's life. Behavior in accordance with moral norms should be seen as the only possible one.

 To a child is not accustomed to cheat, cheat, beat, using the disagreement of others, should develop uniform requirements for the child in the family. If the father has forbidden her daughter to go to the movies, my grandmother and mother to support the decision of the father. In the absence of the child, you can sort out their differences.

 No pedagogical recipes do not help build self-esteem, if the personality of the teacher has shortcomings. A family atmosphere, which grows confident person, differs benevolence, democracy and openness.