What is the purpose and objective? What is the difference?

What is the purpose and objective? What is the difference? First, take a look in the dictionary. The most interesting and most complete definition, in my opinion, gives the Small Encyclopedic Dictionary Brockhaus and Efron.

  The purpose of 1,111,119. - (Filos.), is the idea that a person seeking to implement. The concept of goal is a vision, commitment to its implementation and presentation of the tools, with which the goal can be accomplished. The concept of goal is a product of consciousness and will, subjective a priori form volitional motivation to action.

That is, first in man a desire to (1,111,114. Dream 11,111,113.), The idea of anything. Then the person chooses, whether it's dream to make a goal. That is no longer just dream about something, and make a plan to achieve the dreams and usually on paper. Once a plan is made, prescribed small steps (action), in fact it is the problem.
And most importantly, after these three stages - before taking action. That is gradually carry out the planned steps (tasks), moving to the goal, realizing that same dream, which at one time people thought.

I hope now you understand the difference between a dream and goal. [b] Dream - a simple desire, goal - it is a guide to action. Moreover, this manual contains described the means necessary to achieve the represented desire. For the purpose one must have time and resources required to achieve this goal.

Problems also contain the time and resources. The difference is that the problem - this single act.

 For example: a dream (desire) to earn 100 dollars. Goal - writing a series of articles (for 2 weeks), the number of necessary articles - 15, resources: time, 2-4 hours a day, funds to pay for internet (check on projects, placement of articles).

Task number 1: Every day for 15 days to write an article (60-120 minutes).
Objective number 2. Choose a theme and material for each article (20-40 minutes a day, every day).
Objective number 3. Edit the article (10-15 minutes a day, every day).
Task № 4. Put the article to the site (10-15 minutes each day).

Thus, you can calculate the amount of time, plan their actions and to achieve any goal.

  What is important to remember? Start with the main goal. The main objective may relate to various areas (career, personal life, the creation of the company and so on). Making goals on paper reduces the time spent on its execution and allows a person to "make room in my head for more important things." That is not to remember all the details, it is enough time to write them and then consult with the planned route. The main goal is a kind of beacon for the sub-goals and objectives.

Example. There is a desire to create a source of income. This desire can be transformed into the target. The main goal - profit. There are different possibilities to achieve this goal. Someone will choose the main direction of finding a new job, someone raise, someone will think of establishing their own businesses and so on. The direction is determined by the man at his discretion, based on their own values. Each will make their sub-objectives and tasks.

Further, the goal of "Profit" on the sub-divide.
For example: the creation of business. Next, divide into smaller sub-goals.
Registration of the company, to create a product (the one that will make a profit).
For sub-goal "registration of the company" shall be drawn up the following sub-objectives, and for the "product creation" - his sub. And so on.

When the goals and subgoals identified, need to think of time spent on each goal and the resources that will be needed.

When you see all the goals can take the lowest (the one which will move to the main goal). Let's say our final subgoal "incorporation" - to find partners. Dates - 1 month. Resources - people (friends), and finance - in principle, then you can do minimal investment, but any amount is still needed, even to pay for the roads to meet with different people. For example, defined a budget of $ 500.

That we had in this last group of sub-goal.
Now this sub every day is a task. The problem - the solution of any process. In fact, it is one step, one action. This problem can see the movement to sub-objective. Without them, we do not see the impact in the analysis of action. For example, the task for today - ring up three people (Alexander Petrovich, Valentina I. and Elena Nikolaevna). Make an appointment. Time - Today, the resources - time (2-3 hours).

Now there is a problem and sub-goals and objectives. When you think about "income generation", this desire seems elusive, inaccessible, long process. When you know what to do today to achieve that same dream, when defined task, it is easier to operate, it is easier to see the process (that you are moving, not standing on the spot), it is easier to analyze the situation.

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