What method is - "Tree objectives?

What method is - "Tree objectives? [b] Wood objectives 1,111,113. - A structured, based on hierarchical (distributed by level, ranked) set of objectives of the economic system, the program plan, which identifies the general purpose ("peak wood"); subordinate subgoals first, second and subsequent levels ("a tree" ). The name "tree of objectives" related to the fact that schematically represented by a set of distributed goals resemble the upside-down tree.

( I. Chyornaya BA, Lozovsky LS, Starodubtseva EB modern economic slovar.-5-ed., Pererab. And dop.-M., 2006)

The concept of "objectives tree" was first proposed by Charles Cherchmenom and R. Ackoff in 1957. It allows a person to arrange their own plans, to see their goals in the group. Regardless of whether they are personal or professional.

These include the tree of goals can identify which possible combinations provide the best returns. The term "tree" involves the use of a hierarchical structure (from oldest to youngest), obtained by dividing the common goal to subgoals.
The method of tree targets (Fig. 1) is focused on obtaining a relatively stable framework of goals, problems, trends. To achieve this, the construction of the original structure should take into account patterns of goal formation and use the principles of formation of hierarchical structures.

This method is widely used to predict the possible directions of science, technology, technology, and to draw up personal goals, professional goals of every company. The so-called tree of goals is closely linked to each other long-term goals and specific objectives for each level of the hierarchy. The goal of higher-order corresponds to the top of the tree, and later in several tiers are local goals (objectives), which enable the achievement of the upper level.

 What method is - "Tree objectives? Wood purposes Fig.1 compiled tree of goals has a system of solutions on paper. That is the plan to achieve the main goal Fig.1 - I (1). Wood objectives can be made and for any purpose: a global, monthly, yearly.
The principle of partitioning the common goal to subgoals and goals illustrates the circuit shown in Figure 2.

When compiled tree of goals, you can see, what will this or that goal.
For example, the goal (Fig. 2) "issue a new type of product" may reduce the amount of previously produced goods and, consequently, to a completely opposite result - reducing profits. That tree of goals allowed to see it. And also, it is tree of goals will adjust this goal and create any additional jobs, or, for example, to analyze their output in order to identify the product with minimal profit, so it was his substitute a new product.

 What method is - "Tree objectives? рис.2 сокращенное дерево целей О том, какие должны быть цели (которые записаны в графах), о правилах их составления вы можете прочесть в статье «Как правильно поставить цель? . The rules in this article show exactly how to enter the goal, and in what sequence.

To consolidate the results of the study material, I recommend you make your tree objectives. If you want to get your tree analysis purposes, please send it to me, we will analyze.