What is the difficult word "ambidextrous"?

What is the difficult word "ambidextrous"? 1,111,116. Ambidextrous [/b] - A person who is equally well-developed functions of both hands.

These children are now more and more. Almost at the hospital they are diagnosed with delayed psychomotor development. So maybe it is already the norm and need to know how to communicate with these children?

At school, they have problems on the Russian language and mathematics, especially when they begin to push all the requirements to make no corrections and errors. In response, there is fatigue, forgetfulness. The behavior becomes noticeable irritability, restlessness, anxiety. All this gives a picture of neurasthenia, or obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The child begins to exhibit traits of mental fatigue, absent-mindedness. This is often accompanied by headaches, heaviness in the head. It may seem strange, but emotion, emotions, hysteria, and the vagaries of "storm in a teapot" lead to relaxation, as in this case comes to the rescue right polusharie.Tolko Do parents and children of such therapy?

And the effect is very short, because the left hemisphere is not able to understand and process information from the right hemisphere.
Over time, there is resentment, as a sign of overstrain of the right hemisphere. After all it is, after all, also kill, and the pendulum moves backward.

Let's try to understand.

 1,111,116. Neurasthenia [/b] - A consequence of a unilateral surge left hemisphere, that is, mental processes, in the absence of physiologically necessary emotional discharge, positive feelings.

Logically, in such cases to reduce the intellectual load on the left hemisphere, to weaken the demands. It should review the mode of occupation, extending the time for recreation and creativity, reduce visits to additional schools.
It is important to emotionally more weight right hemisphere: listening to music, dancing, drawing, writing. Maybe it makes sense not to go on for hours performances and concerts, and insist on keeping their own house?

The same tactics are needed and 1,111,116. obsessive-compulsive disorder [/b] When a child appeared coming in spite of thought and action. All calls to "pull themselves together", punishment for educational purposes or control lead only to exacerbate the situation. This may manifest as a fear of not able to make it late, do not get the praise and assessment below five, left alone, sick, infected with ...

This significantly increases the criticality and the level of abstract thinking (due to overload of the left hemisphere). You understand that it happens in the "fertile soil" of tension in the family, general anxiety and suspiciousness of its members. Such a family can be characterized as "maximalists". Only outsiders see it, and the family takes a similar demand to yourself and your family as the norm.
Kid throws from one extreme to: criticality is replaced pofigizmom, control - connivance, gloom - an unrestrained gaiety, etc.

Help is needed not in the iron logic of the sermon, edification, "morality" as a kind of psychological relief. To distract without coercion from the negative with vivid impressions of joint appearances, to return to the true joys of life.

 What is the difficult word "ambidextrous"?
 Sometimes a pat on the back, say how you love your little son or daughter. However, cry or laugh heartily over a good rhyme or image. Draw yourself, paint directly with his fingers and palms on the paper. Jump, pokuvyrkatsya and forget that we must "learn, learn and learn that, God forbid, not to become a janitor."