What is the motivation? Types of motivation.

What is the motivation? Types of motivation. What is the motivation?
  Motivation - is a certain emotional state that inspires action.
Motive - prompting.

If you recall my childhood, then the motivation for independent action occurs when the child wants to do something and says cherished phrase "I!". All children undergo this step. Not all parents are correctly perceive this phrase, and here is rooted errors which may in future lead to the fact that the child gradually fend off the desire to act independently. And it often leads to the fact that a child growing up, ceases to create a motivated, at the subconscious level recalling negative past experiences. So begins "excuses" that lead to that emotional state, which can lead to action would be stopped at the outset.
  Example: The child looks at mom and said:
- Mama, I myself want to sweep.
In the best case, my mother would sweep and praise (regardless of the result).
This allows your child to feel full, which means "I myself" and feel proud of their achievement. Dad would come home from work and glad he ran - Papa, papa, I'll sweep today. The next time a child's desire to make yourself something will be no less strong. Strakhov, in which case the child has not acquired.

In the worst case, my mother gives sweep, baby, of course (since the first time), beginning in some places not so, and do not go there, but also something drops. My mother was not "in the spirit", suddenly blew up at a broken plate or swept under the table, trash, or even she did not have time "to sweep with the baby. In this case, it is (lightly) around the child negative emotions, and if such incidents recur several times, the child appears the idea - "I myself" I do everything bad, better than I do "do not do anything I will not. Even if the mother would try in the future "motivate" the child herself, he had to do something at her request, but it will be the motivation from the outside, not inside.

  Motivation is purchased from outside (from others) and inside (from myself).

I think it is clear that external motivation can come from anywhere. From the book, film, lists, letters, articles, from the person and even from an animal.

  An example of motivation from the outside 11,111,127. :
- Comes to you each and emotionally told how wonderful he spent time in "such and such a" club. You get motivation from the outside, and you are born in the inner motivation (you really want to go to the "so and so" club);
- The need, the need (to go to work);
- Training, courses, trainers, coaches, finances (pay anything).
Most of the initial phase (the movement to anything) external motivation is needed, the main thing to learn from external motivation to develop self-motivation from within.

 [i] An example of motivation from within
- You're sitting at home, and suddenly you have a desire to go to the movies. That is inside you matured a certain emotional state that motivates you to go to the movies. Moreover, you can become a source of the very external motivation. Call your friends and motivate them to a joint campaign in the movies;
- Their own desires.
  Motivation can be divided into two levels of 11,111,135. : Motivation for conservation and motivation to achieve.

Most often a person uses [b] motivation to save 11,111,135. . Such an emotional state does not require prolonged force of emotions. The activity is low and aims to not lose what has already been created.

And here is [b] achievement motivation 11,111,135. requires a much larger force of emotions. And, accordingly, requires more activity to achieve the desired (what you want at the moment).

But the motivation for conservation, and for the achievement motivation should be able to use [b] 11111135 self-motivation. .

Because the stage of "motivation from the outside or inside" is very fast. So, now you want to act, two hours later found a dozen excuses why do not need.
It was then, and come to the aid samomotvatsiya.

In order to 11,111,134. develop self-motivation 11,111,135. Necessary to combine several components into one.
  First , You must create internal dynamics for high-quality work (I do something well).
  Secondly , To develop a sense of duty, responsibility to themselves (in the first place). No sooner said than done. I'll answer for his words.
  Thirdly And no small thing, this vision of the final result and conscious effort to achieve it rapidly. Should be able to see what I want to get (or receive as a result of certain actions).

If these three points are working together and in one direction, then we can say that there are self-motivated and it will contribute to achievement motivation.

 [b] What works to maintain the motivation to achieve?

In the first and foremost is 11,111,134. 11,111,135 adherents. . If there are any, they can "raise the self-motivation" at the time of its "fall". That is why the group is easier? Because the group - these are the most adherents. (Fitness, Club membership, forums, mailing list, friends, etc.).

Very good work Visualization (Idea what I want). Also - albums desires (photos, drawings of objects that want to have, it is important to gather them in one place).

 [b] It is also necessary to be able to 11,111,135. ignore "irrelevant excuses" and "essential" to take into account and adjust the movement so that the process of achieving afforded the greatest pleasure.