What should I do if my child does not want to learn to write?

What should I do if my child does not want to learn to write? What to do if a child of six refused to learn to write? If he starts another and behave badly, causing irritation, and hence the complaint of the teacher.

First, what is necessary to make sure that the child has no neurological prerequisites for such behavior. Perhaps the baby's nervous system can not cope with the loads that must be met in connection with pre-schooling. Neurologist may help determine if your child needs this support and provide medical monitoring of this process, if required.

Second, what you should pay attention to it at the personal qualities of the teacher. For a small child is very important person who is engaged to him, his attitude towards children, attention to the fact that for shestiletok still game - leading the activities, rather than learning.

If you are very pleased to communicate with the teacher your son, then chances are that the boy had a good relationship will arise if you do not like the teacher, it is likely to be difficult and the child. Chat with the teacher, listen to yourself.

Third, in studies of preschool children is very important element of the game. If you have the opportunity to attend classes, be sure to use it. On how fun and entertaining classes are held, much may depend on the interest of the child to the learning process. If you have time for half-hour lesson bored me, then most likely it can be assumed that the child at this session will also be bored. Meanwhile, prepare the hand to the letter can be fun pastime.

In these games you can play at home. At the same time to prepare his hand to writing and have fun.

Game Paratroopers. At the top of the album sheet draw a few colored dots (it paratroopers), bottom - a small circle (the place of landing). Objective: precise movements, straight lines from top to bottom "planted" their paratroopers.

Game archer. At one end of the sheet is drawn arrows from a bow, on the other - target. The shooter aims at the target and strikes it as accurately as possible (the bow is connected by a straight line from the center of the target, a pencil while not divorced from the paper).

Play "airplane and cloud. The child is invited to make a cloud, "so dark" to the plane through it could not be seen as another "light" to the plane was through it a little visible.

"Hit the point." Adult put on paper the point, they turn away a child with a pencil up to a distance of 10-15 cm from the leaf, and then invites the child to get the tip of a pencil to a point.

"Circle the Square. Child is asked to circle the square pencil stencil. In the setting evaluated the ability of the child to stay exactly at the edge. "Slippage," a pencil from the edge of the template indicates the lack of visual-motor coordination.

"The Road". The child is given a sheet of paper on which were drawn the road running to the house. It is proposed, without taking the pencil from the paper, to the road "car" to the house so that she "was going" exactly in the middle of the road, not touching the edges. Exercise can change the width and configuration of the road.

"Rain". A child paints a different rain: straight, oblique, small, large, solid. Depending on the rain drops are drawn as lines, solid lines and points. This image motion is accompanied by the words "drip-drip", uttered in fast or slow pace.

"And now we will weave the carpet." The sheet of paper in a cage adult puts the point from which begins the carpet. Three cells to the right. One cell up. One cell to the left. Two cells down. Three cells on the right. Two cells down. One cell to the left. One cell down. The three cells to the right. One cell up. One cell to the left. Two cells up. Then the child is working independently. Thank you in advance can draw their own graphic ornament or a picture and then dictate his child.