Why and how to develop verbal thinking?

Why and how to develop verbal thinking? Who does not remember the immortal aphorism: "I think, therefore I exist! But so is the nature of human nature that our thoughts, we are enveloped in words that show their contents and give the form. Words - a powerful tool of our self-expression, communication, interaction. That is why the verbal (verbal) thinking is useful to develop. But how?

  Training of the inner voice 11,111,119.

This is a good way to improve the ability to control speech. Not for nothing are the same traits of mind and a clear pronunciation of words, and the saturation of their connotations, and the richness of tone.

 Why and how to develop verbal thinking? B. Ohlenberg "Her inner voice" Try to take one sentence (yes even if it's aphorism from the first line of the article) and spoke his mind with different speed, volume, pitch, semantic accents. And then:
- Imagine how it sounds in the performance of different people - from your friends and family to friends from the screen celebrities;
- Imagine that reproduced the idea is in your head, chest, right palm, left heel, in a corner, high in the sky. How will it sound?
- "Read" it by playing mentally as written on a blackboard;
- Finally, let it appear floating in front of you and just watch the traffic.

 [b] Regulation of mental monologue

Every day and every hour we are in our thought stream. Just observe how you work within the "slovomeshalka, almost without stopping for a moment. And not that it is harmless, as impeding effective thinking and provokes nowhere undertake to fatigue. And getting rid of it refreshes the brain, relieve the mind.

One of the techniques: focus on the mental account in the respiratory rhythm of 1 to 10. Main condition: just take it and not think about nothing. As soon as the thought, counting begins anew. "Oh, I did it!" - Is also thought. Try to perform this exercise for at least a minute and see how you feel.


 Why and how to develop verbal thinking? By the way, it is different: entertaining or informative. The first requires the maximum use of the imagination, the second - careful concentration. This, perhaps, is somehow to talk more.

We only note that read slowly make small eyes, frequent jumps, covering small portions of text at a fixed view. And those that quickly - rarely move opinion, while absorbing large fragments of the page. They seem to have it read from top to bottom, but not line by line from left to right. So if you try, taking a newspaper or magazine, take a look all the more words, it will help the development of verbal thinking.


What it is, let's look at an example. Take a theme, such as conflict. We write the word in the center of a sheet of paper and outline the frame (round, square, rectangular - not essential). Then we begin, do not hesitate to write on paper the thoughts, feelings and associations connected with this notion. Writing down every word outline a different frame, and then the lines or arrows denote links between them.

Looking at the result, you can easily make sure that organized their thoughts. This is a useful technique for selecting solutions, planning, etc. Moreover, the central idea may be just what you are specifically interested in: money investment, the decision of a family dispute, etc.

  Games with words

Here are a few of these that are suitable for the company, and for a couple of participants, and even for one.

  Unexpected abbreviation

Participants write on the cards, one word, then randomly choose the order yourself one. For a fixed time (for example, for 1 minute), each of at least one phrase from the words, the first letters of which are included in the lot of words. For example, the word Brain: The darkness covered dreamer Genius. Mary went earn a pittance. You can complicate the task, defining the subject, which must comply compiled it.


Would look the area in which located. Each object on which you think will fall, try to name another: the door - opener, glass - prozrachka etc. The group can choose 3-5 items and compete who is more invent names for them. To complicate the task may be putting a condition to select the sounds, the letters corresponding to the form object.

 Why and how to develop verbal thinking? "What does that mean?"

Participants in turn called meaningless word, and the rest come up with meaning for him. For example: bambutirak, krumpishen etc. Another option: nonsense should be in the form of an adjective, meaning that participants write down on sheets of paper, and then voiced by comparing: kvadrapilny, sinkaralny etc.

  "Meeting with the alien"

Participants are offered a word and (or) expression of the goods, the task - to explain their appointment of "Alien", which is absolutely not familiar with these things. For example, water, potato, fight, love, dreams, etc.


They also contribute to the development of verbal thinking. From simple ones like: "A rat in the barn gnawed rice" to such as "was walking head to head, struck the head of the chapter. The blow head head head head head jumped bump. Above all, along with the development speed of the utterance not forget that the words should not "fit over" one another.