Why and how to develop creative thinking?

Why and how to develop creative thinking? In dictionaries of the imagination, write so boring that not even want to quote the definition. And who does not understand the essence of it? Aristotle observed that the soul can not think without a mental image. It allows a person to navigate the actions aim at the result. It provides an opportunity to reflect reality in the new, unusual, unexpected combinations and relationships.

Experts identify several forms of imagination:

- Agglutination - connection nesoedinyaemyh in reality qualities, properties, parts of objects;
- Exaggeration - increase or decrease the object, change the quality of its parts;
- Sharpening - underlining any signs;
- Schematization - smoothing the differences of objects and identify similarities between them;
- Typing - the allocation of significant, recurring in homogeneous phenomena, and its embodiment in a specific manner.

 [url=http://shkolazhizni.ru/archive/0/n-7589/] Nikola Tesla 1,111,115. For example, built in the mind of three-dimensional images of complex machines with the smallest of detail, and then imagining their work in a few weeks, mentally checking its quality, ie tested in mind. This is called eidetic imagery - when mental images have the same accuracy, precision and clarity, as real objects and phenomena.

Not everyone is given, of course. And they say that develops this ability rather difficult. But why not try? Imagine, for example, a door in your bedroom (living room, office). It is a vivid image, you can call? How detailed? Color or black and white? How long can it hold "without blurring? Of course, if it only yesterday you were washed, you get better. Then even easier to feel the surface of the door.

But this is just based technology training, which includes a scrutiny item, then the mental representation of it, and then compare the received mental image with reality. A couple of useful tips:
- If the image is not as clear as we would like, do not force him to become clearer willpower, you better try stress-free walk on the grounds, visualizing the sequence: shape, texture, size, color;
- To enhance the brightness of a mental "image", it is necessary to disable 1,111,114. verbal (verbal) thinking 1,111,115. Ie look, but do not describe it in words.

Well, there you have at hand? Pencil, book, phone? You can try right now, the article because "it will not run. Then we can represent what one around: the seashore, birch grove, the Spassky tower of Moscow Kremlin ... These pictures are very important to examine in detail.

 Why and how to develop creative thinking? Now wanted to learn "dip" in color. To start, imagine that the whole room is filled with bubbles of mineral water, and this does not prevent it to be. To the extent that, as you become comfortable in this space, the bubbles can get a different color, for example, pink. And then they disappear and there will be only the color and your sense of immersion in it. You can go further: thoughts paint the space in different tones and travel on it.

Auditory imagination can train, mentally play music clips and sounds (bird calls, the roar of aircraft, etc.), and then move to the abstract representation of sounds by their definition: how to be a bright sound terrible, silver-gay?

 Why and how to develop creative thinking? You can also come with different smells and tastes, and then move on to the submission of feelings and sensations. Imagine, for example, a sense of what you are standing on a hill, from the fact that there is a very expensive for you people, etc. And then - even more so. You can imagine the feelings and sensations, learn to create a sense of not feeling at this moment: surprisingly - no surprise, a pleasant excitement - being in a quiet position, etc.

And finally, the idea! Imagine the idea of Harmony. It can occur in the form of visual image - a concrete or abstract, but may come in the form of sensations. Then look at it or feel, or look at and feel - depending on the range of perception.

This is not a full range of techniques of figurative thinking, but having mastered them in principle, it can be used in life. For example, use visualization of the target, forming a mental image of himself in the process and achieving results. Of course, better to start with simple situations: buying new shoes, going to the zoo. There are only three rules: the detail on the picture, invoke a sense of pleasure from the mental movie and put it in chronological label, ie date.