Who quickly teach you the language before trips abroad?

Who quickly teach you the language before trips abroad? Approaching time for vacations, holidays and travel. Many of us are going abroad, do not always speak the language of the host country. Then, a few weeks (at best, months), slips a brilliant idea: instead of a brush up my language for a trip?

This problem can be solved with fairly simple. Courses on "Emergency English (French, German, Spanish, etc.)" myriad. Paths, as always, two: either self study or training with someone.

  The first way - independent studies.

 Path complicated, long, not always leading to the desired result. Books such as "English for 2 weeks, you can just throw in the trash. If the book is accompanied by audio courses - you can think a little ... and defer to someone with you to go in it. Why? Independent studies, when they needed specific knowledge in a short time - is useless, too much information, and a man ignorant of it is very difficult to navigate. So, choose the second way!

About the courses will not speak - there need a separate article, we consider a more accessible and familiar method - tutoring. So - how to choose a tutor for the course "... sky travel"?

  First, a person must have already prepared a course on this topic 11,111,115. . If you say - we begin to learn the language, how many have time, but we'll see - chase a three-neck, it is simply obtaining money! Immediately ask the teacher: what, how and when will you learn! They must have a program and a clear plan of action.

 [b] Secondly - more practice!
Teachers should talk with you and not to ask long essays and compiling it is not clear why. Dialogues should blab and play, and not to rewrite five times, changing forms of verbs and possessive pronouns.

Do not be afraid to speak, make mistakes and try. You may well know the rules of the use of articles or to learn the whole system of verb forms, but not able to speak and respond to situations. Repeat phrases in various dialogues, model situation. You repeat words and phrases in the speech, so they are deposited in the memory much better and better then the same will be perceived in the speech of others.

  Prerequisite - audition! How can I listen more. In a foreign country, these skills are very useful to you, there will need clear reaction to certain verbal formula.

Check: audio files must be from a variety of teaching aids, well-read by native speakers, but not by a tutor. We must get used to different voices, timbre, accent, speed of speech.

If you are traveling with a tourist, then range studied in order to be strictly limited to 11,111,115. : Customs, hotels, pathfinding, shop, restaurant, general formulas of politeness. No need to study the country's history, holidays, and biographies of famous figures no! You need a clear specific phrases that you should bounce off the teeth.

And yet - [b] select the person with whom you would be interested to engage in
. If a tutor (who has an amazing resemblance to your most hated school teacher) you do not want anything to do - change the teacher! You should be comfortable, you pay for it.

The most important thing - when you have to go on holiday - speak! Have you wasted your money? Do not pretend to be a dog - all understand, but I can not tell! Speak as much as possible, people are always positively perceived attempts of foreigners to speak their language. It will help you, try to understand. This is true. Be friendly, smile.

And you finally realize what you have learned a foreign language - in order to see the light in the eyes of another person and feel that he understood what you said. It is this understanding - and is the most important thing in language learning. Incomprehensible gibberish to you at first it makes sense to others. It's so interesting!