Part-time and evening classes: who is right?

Part-time and evening classes: who is right? In July, applicants are divided into two groups: those who went where he wanted, and those who failed. The former can breathe calmly, the second - are again making important decisions.

There are many options, we'll talk about one of them - on receipt of correspondence or evening division of the university.

Until recently, there was a persistent public opinion about "correspondence students" and "timers" as the students who study only "for the crust." Say, do not seek to obtain knowledge, tests and exams are "buying" and so on.

However, in recent years the image of correspondence students began to change. Especially - and importantly - in the eyes of employers. Many of them say that more attention is not on the form of training, and the level of high school and above all - on the level of knowledge and skills of the applicant for the position.

There is a statement "can not teach - you can learn." In other words, even in the best university for full-time students can learn, so that after the end there will be no knowledge or skills. A possible way to effectively learn from the correspondence department, which become highly qualified specialist. First of all, it depends on the dedication of the student.

So, notions of distance learning are changing. Now extramural student, especially a serious student of the university, it is often not the one who "did not pull" the daily separation, but a person who has decided to consciously combine work with study.

Why? First, for the sake of self-sufficiency. Including, sometimes a person goes to a paid-time Department to have the possibility to earn money for their education (by the way, the cost of such training at the same faculty and in the same university are usually much cheaper than full-time students).

In addition, more and more students now take a decision as early as possible to begin work on the chosen specialty. Indeed, the experience often do not replace lectures and seminars. The student is able to immediately apply their knowledge in practice. Self learning becomes more focused and effective: in fact at work, the student understands what knowledge and skills he lacks for success.

Most students are organized as interns in the department that interests them. And as new knowledge in the university and new experiences in practice have the opportunity to move up the career ladder. As a result, when the time graduates of only the first time to work, taking correspondence courses and "timers" already have strong positions in the company. Only need to remember that it is given the price is very busy schedule during the five or six years, when the time to rest just does not remain.

  A few nuances.

• Part-time/evening classes requires a high level of self-organization. Full-time education waiting for you daily lectures and seminars, regular monitoring, tests. In fact, your training program to sign for you, your task - just fit into it.

On the same evening, and especially part time students are increasingly left to themselves. You have to learn to be a program of studies, self-control themselves, etc. And teachers perceive primarily as consultants. All this is not so easy for many students, but for some kind of freedom one's own learning, by contrast, is a plus. It is for this reason, correspondence form encourages those who receive a second degree, as it is assumed that people have already mastered the technology of training and he did not need a step by step control of the teacher.

• «Student Life. Many people talk about their students, as the happiest time in their lives. No more of the control of parents and schools, no family and professional obligations. This carefree pastime, of course, primarily applies to students' diaries. As the same, plus you can highlight what's evening and correspondence courses are often taught people who have experience in this specialty, is that they help their younger fellow students to get a job or internship in their company.

• Young people should not forget that the only studies to full-time department gives respite from military service. This point is also impossible to ignore the choice of learning options.

• correspondence students and timers are usually not granted a student residence. So if you intend to study in another city or simply to live separately from their parents, then you need to take into account the fact that the need for additional money to rent an apartment.

By choosing to study at university part-time or evening classes should be approached as carefully as in the case of full-time students. After all, in absentia, and the more the evening, there is no separation at all universities and not at all faculties. It happens also that the faculty, quality education is given to full-time students, and the correspondence - carelessly. Now in many universities correspondence students are allowed to attend lectures together with students of full-time. And sometimes, all students, formal number of evening classes, study full time.

Oh, and do not forget that your entry to the correspondence - not a sentence, you have the chance to transfer to day department. This requires two conditions. First, availability, and these often appear after the first session as a result of deductions negligent students' diaries. The second condition - an excellent achievement.