Which of the famous people out of high school?

Which of the famous people out of high school? Graduation Balls has died down in most Russian schools, but not for all young people in these celebrations was music. Many are not too diligent students could not pass the "unlucky" EGE, and someone get the certificate "on complete secondary education" to prevent other causes. The years spent in school, became lost in time, but public opinion was quick to hang a label on them - "losers".

But does the lack of certificate puts an end to a successful life path, and whether to give up? The answer to this question depends on many factors, but many outstanding people of expulsion from school could not prevent to become famous.
Albert Einstein, although that was not able to graduate from high school, managed to win the Nobel Prize. A teacher asked the parents of Mozart's "do not torment a son studying, he's all the same - you idiot!", But who now remembers the name of the teacher?

The famous Spanish artist Salvador Dali and filmmaker also did not escape the fate to be expelled from school. Despite the truly remarkable achievements of a little Dali painting - in the 10 years he has managed to draw its first full picture - in the 15 years he was expelled from the monastic school for "obscene behavior."

Complex relationships with teachers and evolved in the future Greek multimillionaire - Aristotle Onassis. Due to the difficult nature of his ever expelled from school. It was rare to see a desk, and once Ari pinched ass young teacher, and this became another reason to change schools. Despite the exploits of his youth, Aristotle left his granddaughter in the state 1.7 billion dollars and an island in the Aegean Sea.

The most famous "Italian" in Hollywood, has just released another series of films about the misadventures of John Rambo, Sylvester Stallone, also did not differ diligent attitude to learning. Before he began to study in a special school for troubled teens, he had to replace more than 10 (!) Schools. And drove it, mainly because of the behavior.

The most innocent in a Christian school American town Canton was a little boy, Brian Warner. True, he loved to draw all sorts of indecent pictures and sell them to their classmates. Soon after this, and it turned out. A few years later Brian found the whole world under the name Marilyn Manson.

The younger generation of pop stars also do not suffer from hypertrophic thirst for learning. Avril Lavigne three times had to change schools, it expelled, mostly for fighting and truancy. Girl at school was boring, and she preferred to play hockey - a team it took 10 years.

Our celebrity does not lag behind their foreign counterparts. Sergei Zhigunov, for example, burn through the wiring in the school, and once planted the yeast in the toilet. For these feats «Alma mater» it away from him in the eighth grade.

Garik "Bulldog" Kharlamov loves to joke. This quality has helped him not only to become a star "Comedy Club", but in time to win popularity in different Moscow schools. Teachers Garik were not appreciative audience - it drove out of four schools in a row.

Aleksei Panin, won the 2002 State Prize from the hands of the president, was kicked out of two schools - for the first time that erased the portrait VI Lenin dust along with paint, and the second time for academic failure.

A brilliant player Zenit St. Petersburg Andrei Arshavin was kicked out of school for that, having received four, broke the class register. Future football player considered that the Quartet set him unfairly, he was worthy of the Five.

Craving for the destruction of documents formed the basis for deductions and our famous "Whites" and "scum" Kirill Emelyanov. In the office of school director he burned secretarial magazines, now I have to finish school, external studies.