What should be the teacher?

What should be the teacher? A French writer said: "Someone is always watching you: God, Mom, Teacher ..." That teachers offer our children a world, give the truth and take the first children's discovery, so the teacher should be a role model, a model of the correct and wise.

Choosing your baby first teacher or classroom Damu future graduates, take a look to the teacher and be sure to listen to the child.

  A sad example. My mother has long-standing friendship with the class teacher the 1 st "A" class. I wanted to get into the 1 st "B": there went all kindergarten friends, and it was cool I liked more! But who then asked the opinion of such a Shrimp? I was "an old friend", of course, recorded in the "A" class: the number there was considered prestigious. And three years of elementary school I suffered from my teacher imposed! ..

... My sister and I - from ancestral teachers. My grandmother, mother, aunts, nieces - all taught. I have, today, on his shoulders - only three years in school. Then fate made on parallel lines: I began to teach life adults. But some of the school practice, I made!

So, a good teacher - a man ...

The teacher must be perfect in every way! In order to Chekhov: "... And the soul, and clothes, and thought."
My teacher of drawing even before going on maternity leave look like a doll, so that the whole school came running to see her dresses, vests and blouses flying.
In contrast, our classroom come to work consistently in the two suits - a brown or gray - so reminiscent of biscuit.
Unfortunately, there are such ladies who dress according to the principle: "I'll put all the best at once!". They completely beat the taste of the younger generation ...

We have never had a garden. Therefore, when natural history was asked to bring raw potatoes, I did not even bewilder mother. No, no - this is not fatal? However, when I was summoned to the tuber, and I shrugged, gave me a cool "2". My mother, seeing a change in my tears, gasped and ran into the school cafeteria: so there was always potatoes. I do not know how it was explained to the cooks ... Then my mother came to class, showed our grymze potato and quietly asked: "Please fix two", I've found a potato ... "In response to cool lady squinted slyly:" We need a grown, with the eyes. What have you brought? ". And my mom said even more softly, so as not to hear the guys: "Well, we do not have cottages, and in the store - purified, where did we take sprouted something?". "Come, we'll see" - rapped bitch.
Twos she did not fix it ...
And I still remember the guilty, huddled in the corner of my mother and, believe me, I still want to kill that the teacher!

  Another story. Positive. We have to Philology had two physical education teachers - two sisters, twins, Larisa and Louise. They differed as heaven and earth, no, more accurately, as angels and demons. Our Larissa smiled in any weather, never was driving students to foam at the mouth, and always came to meet any requests. When I said that cross-country skiing can not since childhood, she simply nodded: "Horses have? We are! "I could not believe his luck! And yet she managed to use me to the stadium, check to see if I have frostbite, until all had fled to nearby woods marathon circles! For the first few years, my hateful "fizra" has become a favorite lesson. And at the end of May, I was carrying Larisa Ivanovna big bunch of tulips, regretting that the occupation is gone!
But to get credit from her sister was only by the Spartans! Louise chasing all up a sweat, constantly crying and shook her nerves. I remember how she left the dressing: all rushed to her, smiled and pulled his arm, thinking that it was her "sunshine" sister Larissa. And Louise, teeth bared, screaming at all: "I do not Larissa!!! And all shied away in fear ...

Remember how in the movie "Tomorrow Was the War" director, despite the harsh Stalinist times, hung in the female toilets mirrors?
  "Madness of the brave we sing a song." These people still have!
Once in English class I was so well told home topic, which took in an English class admiring gaze and said: "I think the story deserves not just five, and higher". Then opened the magazine and easily led ... "6"! My blog with the Red "six" in the change went hand to hand, and the teacher came to a head teacher and said: "Do not be surprised, I have a 7-m" A "put" six ". Deserved! ".
Very cool!
You must be able to stand on one level with their wards. Be their friend and adviser. But in any case "in his board guy"! This is a very fine line: "As before you close and slightly ahead!". And in any case not suppress the guys their authority, because "In the shadow of big trees do not grow smaller."

Once all the parallel seventh grade and gathered a large collection of pioneer. We could not calm down: yelling and jumping up from their seats. Released on the scene head counselor stood for a moment, waved his hand, trying to calm the room, and then suddenly ... cry! It was a shock. We have always believed that adults do not cry! And here she wiped away the ink on the cheeks, and loud, patriotic sobbed: "Do you not interested in pioneering ideals?". Shouting we stopped, but respect for her since the day was lost. Still, students can show their weakness!

I remember once I also tried to pacify "difficult" semiklashek. After ten minutes of persuasion, my mind suddenly ended, and I bellowed: "What do you mean, just WTF???". There was a momentary silence, and I blushed: "Guys, what do you have driven me !»... Until now, I am ashamed of those words escaped!
My friend and Philology in such situations begins softly singing songs. Class, trying to parse words, gradually stopped talking, and she dopev verse, as if nothing had happened, begins the lesson.
In general, though they were yelling and jumping on the desks - and you stand as the Iron Lady, and the ear does not lead the way!

I remember my first open class: we pyatiklashkami staged a trial of mankind. A lawyer, prosecutor and public prosecutors. At the first desk lay a large stuffed Tiger (an endangered species of Amur tigers!), Tables were pushed into the circle, I sang Makarevich, and the children cited the example of American horror movies, where the planet perishes in an environmental disaster. Present fellow teachers were stunned, but I was more important was how my students desperately "fought" for every inch of our land!

My creative sister, being a teacher of the Institute of Social Communications, at will arrange for students Film Club: it tells them about Almodovar and Woody Allen, Kislevskom and Charlie Chaplin, Marlene Dietrich and Lyubov Orlova. Well, where is the current generation look old Film masterpieces? On "Spanish" film society was literally sold out: in the center of the audience rose chair, draped gypsy shawl on top of cutting board, lay a large kitchen knife, pieces of bandage hanging on a nail. From this place were supporters of Almodovar. Watch the film came even taking correspondence courses, pregnant and a couple of guards to watch. This film was applied to a completely different context, so everyone wanted to speak out and discuss why the Spanish passion no "Happy End"! The party broke up at ten in the evening ...

One of my colleague, the journalist was invited to read the PR in the country house of culture! Progress, it turns out, came to the area of libraries, where they were seriously concerned about their "public relations". But as you know, telling a pensioner about Internet resources, rebranding and image have been hit hard - I had to speak their language! Therefore, Olga, was once engaged in the studio folk dance, then she remembered a couple of "pa".
- Look, the customer needs something spectacular and popular, like "Typyrtona! - Olga and went out into the middle, issued a tap-dance.
- But you, as good PR people should understand that there are masses and the connoisseurs of special beauty, so you should invent something higher level ... - And in turn went "kovyryalochka.
The librarians were thrilled!

Yes, colleagues, if every morning you say: "I'll go back to their bigheads!" - Long have you been on this site will not live. In this work, do not try any means to obtain the highest level, no need to invent bogus lesson plans and to educate parents and God forbid you put yourself above those you teach. Here, you just need to love their job and their fundamentals students - merry, pranksters and future geniuses.

Dear teachers! I understand how hard your work! Therefore, verses Helena Obidin, teacher of the Udmurt State University, I simply am giving you all:

  "Actresses are mine! Unsated or simple,
The bus wrinkled, the teachers' council lauded,
That's not grown, not faded, not sin,
Still, little loved, more loving!