Why should a student broom, grunting and chocolate? Part 1

Why should a student broom, grunting and chocolate? Part 1 Learn, student! And that could not learn, then, the experience of predecessors, can be offset spurs and "bombs". But know, if you do not centuries-old tradition of student and signs to comply - you will never see the desired five in the student's record-book.

So, ready to fly for the coveted grade. First, get rid of our "evaluation" of failure: finds a broom, a most ordinary, tie a white ribbon on it and with each angle sweeping debris toward the center of the room, saying: "With this rubbish, all my failures, go away!" And harvest produced and got rid of the problems. And now all this "good" out of the house and take out at the crossroads of sleep. What to do: punish the ancestors, our job - listen!

All the pre-examination time to wash categorically forbidden, so as not to wash away the knowledge and clear their minds. Just think, just a month without water and shampoo! Let the fellow will be dirty - but how clever! And that lack of sanitation? It's all prejudices ... By the way, cut and dyed her hair, too, is impossible.

Oh-oh-oh, a student, what are you doing? I went casually sip a cup of tea? Why books left open? Well, what to do with you, just as unreasonable entrants! But do not you know that in preparation for the exam can not throw open the books and notes - so all that has been learned, simply "to weather" can!

At night, lying down to sleep, do not forget notebooks with textbooks under the pillow, so that knowledge of ourselves in a dream in his head flowed, so to speak, the rule of diffusion. Yes, and you understand that in a hostel a good synopsis of particular value is, can and umyknut! And under the pillow to preserve the precious assured.

The next phase of training for those who are not deprived of imagination (if you do not suffer from it, you can skip this technique). Take an apple ... But not in your mouth! And in his hand! Textbooks present and under the apple rolling start. We perform gyration up until "rolled up" Five clearly does not feel.

Now work on the student's record-book, that goodwill has been teaching in our pocket. The night before the exam, exactly 24 hours (and not a minute later!), Open the student's record-book and expose it to the window (hold tight!). Now three yells the magic words "Freebie, Shop-!". For greatest reliability possible, and most with the student's record-book of the window leaning out (or go to the balcony), and, shaking the surrounding buildings, breaking the peaceful sleep of citizens, yelling "Freebie, come!"

If you want to correct an assessment of a certainty, with the same cry should be on the street (about 24.00 forgotten?) In her underwear jump. So what, frost minus twenty! Do you want a good evaluation or I? At the same time do not forget to muff her place to show - prod a finger in a line, where the score should stand, and then suddenly miss ...

How to catch, do not miss: clap the student's record-book and more up to the exam did not uncover. For the stronger allegiance to bind it with thread or a large paperclip Press your, or you can put in the freezer, so freebie at the time of hibernation and fell to the morning straight from the tin remained. And see, on the morning of the freezer student's record-book pick up do not forget! And then bad luck with the half-way back to return.

Now we have finally: Cut the paper on the number of tickets, write the numbers on them and place bound by the window with his left hand under the pillow, do not forget to send there as the rest of the "knowledge resources", that is, the syllabus and textbooks. In the morning, lying in bed, grabbed the first available piece of paper - there and your fate is written, ie the ticket that you want to pay particularly close attention.

In the legs put a bar of chocolate. They say that the accumulated so painstakingly student knowledge are particularly at night through the legs of escape, and chocolate to imbibe. Eat it in the morning, and not a drop of knowledge is not lost!