Why should a student broom, grunting and chocolate? Part 2

Why should a student broom, grunting and chocolate? Part 2 Learn, student! Learn! Do not like abstracts scribbling, but as a "literate" in the morning to prepare for exams. Subject to all rules and traditions.

And who invented it, that all 90 tickets must learn, if possible, to 1,111,114. Following the tradition 1,111,115. ancestors, alumni, only one to learn and it is on the exam earn?

I woke up in the morning - get out from under head first available piece of paper with the number of those that before going to sleep under the pillow. Now the main thing - to observe the correct sequence when climbing out of bed: wake up in the left leg (if you're left-handed, right), cribs put his right hand, but in the left pocket. And look, not confused, but do not see the cherished marks!

Remember that wash and haircut strictly prohibited? So you'd better warn: Do not wash or comb one's hair! But the dishes, if any, accumulated in the sink, wash necessary!

Now dress. This process approach with special care to and then wheel in the right direction to turn. Clothes choose "happy": either the one which has already successfully take exams, or the one that still do come. If such is not preserved, then, at worst, will approach the oldest and well-worn belongings student wardrobe.

Under the insole of the left shoe to place the heel put a nickle (better than the "experienced", which is accompanied at all examinations). But special training is required: Modern tiny five kopecks does not fit. Experts in the field of exams "for free" claim that the penny should certainly be copper, old-fashioned, preferably at least the seventies of last century. Piglet put it? And now to the left same shoes fasten hook fishing, so good luck catching.

So, let me look at you ... Boy! Now come on, the last manipulation before going left - sit down at notes. What for? For, as they say, a clever idea and hindsight to absorb too!

Well, not down to you, no pen! Send me to hell! Same as old as the world will accept: All of condolence and mourners should be willing to "no fluff" to which the student answers: "To hell!" And procedures of this neglect is not needed, and then you never know! Now with a sense of accomplishment and her head held high you can go to the exam, the rest will do itself.

Everything is simple: to praise the student before an exam is forbidden, but the curse - please! Outside of high school all the meek (numerous relatives and friends) need to curse and call you names dealer's last words to the very long as the exam will not be delivered. This should be done methodically and without respite, because we must prepare for the process. As your vocabulary on a couple of hours of waiting may not be enough, get in a bookstore dictionary profanity (in extreme cases, would do "Great Encyclopedia of Animals" or "Glossary of biology).

The student is not told to relax: even on the road to prepare for a future meeting with a good estimate. To do this, when you exit door must either think a subject and take him on the road. One, two, three, four, five - forgotten! Again, one, two, three, four, five ... Which figure in front of the home training penates stay - this assessment will receive. So look sharp! Hopefully smart enough not to think a crocodile?

And redeem from a meeting on the road with a woman with a bucket or a black cat - Khan - exam fail!

In the building of the last trial we go only with the left foot, it also transcends all other thresholds. In front of the audience (with the left foot!) Requires student's record-book deliberately drop, a man has already received "excellent" and used a peer to ask for a kiss on the nose.

Once the threshold perestuplen will certainly ought to publish the sound of the animal, in which year you are born to be. Year of the Tiger - Roar, cock - crow, monkeys - all excellent - such a space for action! At the same time and the teacher to heel, may, without an assessment of the exam will provide ...

And if not, then pull the ticket again with his left hand, repeating himself patter "Glass-lemon - this is it!" Do not grab what horrible! Tickets need to choose a particular account. What number do you most successful? Nine? Here's the ninth with the edge and pull! And do not forget before this wood to knock (on the table, door jamb, a chair) and the index middle fingers on a hand cross. On the left or right - it does not matter. For better safety net for both.

Now shakes the student's record-book to sleeping after waking the freezer a freebie, but do not open it, it should be done only by the teacher. In general student's record-book to anyone with previous estimates show is not recommended, lest the evil eye.

And most importantly: Do not tell anyone what the tricks are using the previous day and before an exam - or signs no longer work. So nothing then elbows to bite - to blame!

That's it! "Five" is assured! As they say across the fortune no arguing!