Why punish Adam? University students dedicated to

Why punish Adam? University students dedicated to In a free moment God created the institutions
Adam the first was his student.
He did nothing, cared for Eve
And God has deprived him scholarships.
Adam drama - called Adam
At the massacre of God's dean's office.
And on the Earth directly dumped Adam
So went the students, they say.

Old student song could not be more clearly defines the system of punishment in modern higher education. First - the deprivation of scholarships for those who receives it (those who do not receive a scholarship, shrug accent, the interview with the curator of the group - in some cases, the presence of their parents, warning of the deanery of possible further sanctions). Then, if the student does not heed the first warning, followed by a second, well, and then one road - to the door of the institute with the parting words: "Show me what you know how close these doors."

Naturally, if the session is failed, then the cost and without warning. The doors are closed immediately and unequivocally.

Nevertheless, modern Adama continues to stubbornly ignore learning, caring for the modern Evami or doing other things (it's now called "I have my own life").

But you know, because Adam was punished not because of what he courted Eve. Paradise in the form of school was lost because of his attitude to learning. Unfortunately, the man believed (like many students, after him), that study - not a wolf, will not go anywhere, but in order to pass the session, just sit on the books the night before the exam.

Here are just a small nuance - the night before an exam is practically nothing. Yes, such a rapid-attack on the source of knowledge may help to pass the exam, though not perfect, though satisfactory, but not a negative result. Yes, only the knowledge driven into his head at such a pace, held in the recesses not more than six hours - alas, scientific fact. Six hours later, the brain again, clean and clear as a baby.

There is a certain rate of flow of information, where this information is able to learn and put what can be called a long-term memory. Otherwise - no good there. No memorization. This means that in future problems are inevitable. After starting new courses, which are based on the previous ones - a kind of learning is the construction of the building: first the foundation, then the basement, first floor, second and so on. The more solid foundation than to make the project better, more thorough job of builders - the better design, and the higher you can build a building. Hut - it five minutes, but the skyscraper requires careful preparation, and long life.

Adam tried to build a hut. Like those that build children - four sticks and a pile of grass. Education at the Institute takes a bit more balanced and solid design. We can say that Adam was excommunicated from the Divine education because that trash at a construction site.

Apparently, for the reason that we all - the descendants of Adam and Eve, come up with surprising regularity and shortcomings of the first student. Arise in subsequent generations. Ineradicable problem: hope to pass the exam "nahalyavu", the belief that "this subject then I do not need to, convinced that the diploma given almost no for beautiful eyes (especially those suffering" paid "students), the careless attitude to learning.

It should be noted that the much-loved all the freebie on the exam is not excluded. The teacher is still not the Lord, and it is difficult to determine: whether the student really knows the subject (at least barely satisfactory rating), whether it is - just a "night shift" before an exam or even just a fortunate coincidence: the only accidentally ticket, the questions which students are known. But the freebie - a one-time thing. And then a diploma, and continue to - work.

In former times, the students scared the distant distribution:

  On the northern edge do not run trams
And there is not lit the lamp Ilyich
There is no water and gas, flowers and toilet
And jaw deduce cha-cha-cha.

Now, of course, far from banished. But who needs a specialist who is an expert only on paper? Increasingly, employers are beginning to interest middle-grade diploma, carefully look through the liner, curious - and how he studied the future employee? And increasingly being denied to those who, following the wrong path of Adam, hoping for a freebie.

Students' time - time is beautiful. This - spring lives. But any agricultural worker knows that at this time laid the foundations for future harvest. Do not sow - nothing to collect. Sidi winter, depicted a bear feed on subcutaneous stocks.