What kind of games you can play at home with the child two or three years?

What kind of games you can play at home with the child two or three years? In the two years of a child already understands much, can, knows, and strives to learn new things. Baby attracts the world surrounding objects, so the game at this age are often built on the actions of a child with a variety of subjects. Playing with your baby, please note that in two or three years a child is easily distracted and moves from one occupation to another, quickly tired.

His attention to your baby can focus simultaneously on a small number of subjects. The keen interest to the game very easily arise, but quickly disappears. Games at this age should be sufficiently simple and very short. Even three to five minutes is enough. Give those same moments of your baby! And you will see that the gift was made not only him but myself: you will learn a lot about your child, learn a lot from him and feel the pleasure.

"What is rolling"
This game introduces your child to form objects. Make a toy gates on the table or floor and organize a competition - who has sunk faster than their figure to the gate. Figures let them be different: a ball, cube, rod, wheel, whetstone. Initially, the baby will not care what figure to take. But gradually he realizes what figures better roll. Talk to your child on this topic, for example, pay attention to the corners of the cube, which prevented him from rolling.

The game develops attention. Put the baby in front of two toys. The child must say what they like and how different from each other. For example, fox and rabbit are similar to those that they have eyes, ears, paws, they are fluffy. But there are also differences: red fox, and rabbit white, the tail of a fox more, etc. If a child is difficult, we can help in explanations. Or you could complicate the game, offering more like toys, for example, two different balls.

"The first steps towards mathematics"
Put three dolls and give your child two plates. Ask if it's all the dolls. Let the baby lay in front of the dolls plates and answer the question. Help your child to explain: "Puppet more than tarelochek. Then give your child the four plates and again ask if it's all the dolls. You can play with different objects, but is better to start with a small amount (within five), gradually increasing it.

The game develops good coordination of movements. Put in a room large basket or box and give your child a ball that is easy to keep children's hands. First you need to just drop the ball in the basket. Then slowly back and ask the kid to throw the ball accurately to the basket. Children usually throw the ball from the bottom, so they prefer. You can experiment with throwing various objects - clumps of paper cubes, rags.

"Above and below"
The game teaches compare. Walk around with your child in the apartment and find out what items above, and which is lower than he. Ask your child: "You are higher than the table (wardrobe, nightstand, etc.)?" Show how to compare the height, learn how to answer the question. If your child will succeed, ask them to just play with toys.

"A homemade book"
This game instills a love of books. Cut out the baby with interesting pictures from old magazines, newspapers, postcards, brochures and glue them on pieces of cardboard the same size. Make a hole in the cardboard pieces of paper and connect them together with ribbon, cord or thread. Now you have a new book that you did with your child. You can devote a little book of some subject - nature, animals, cartoons. Consider along with baby pictures in a book, invent a story which they could illustrate. Ask your child to find in a book with a particular image.

This game develops the imagination. Assemble a variety of empty boxes of different sizes: packaging of cereals, juice, shoes, gifts. Put them on the floor and ask your child to pack them so as to obtain a house, fortress, tower, car, etc. offer different ideas, help your child in his experiments.

"Sort the toys"
The game helps develop the child's thinking. Lay on the floor before the baby plenty of different toys. Start a sort, for example, by size, attract and baby. You can sort the toys by color or quality (music, moving, soft). Method of sorting can tell myself baby.