Who relies free additional education?

Who relies free additional education? Free additional vocational education law provides. And yet some have the opportunity to get a new job or improve their knowledge of available in full or partial payment for training by the State or the Federation.

Free pick up a new profession may be those who are registered at the employment center as unemployed. The second condition - if the bank has no vacancies suitable for you (if there is, first of all give direction to the interview) or when they are available to you anywhere for some reason refused to hire.

Options suitable vacancies unemployed defines himself, filling out the questionnaire. However, the bank job, for example, the Moscow city employment service, offers mainly for workers with salaries of up to 10 thousand rubles a month. Among job-seekers dominate the specialists with higher education and salary expectations are much higher.

Prospects for retraining bank clerk in the truck drivers with a salary in the region of 12 thousand rubles specialists themselves employment centers skeptical. However, the possibility of being forced idleness for free learn to drive a car, pull English or learn popular computer programs (in Moscow, such trends have), perhaps not the worst option. Although the best, no doubt, work with an income sufficient to cover tuition out of pocket.

If the employment center, you sent for training, will not play truant and misbehave.

During the study stipend - in the same amount, in which designated dole . Since entering the courses people off the register as unemployed. Deductions for absences and other violations back to the unemployed do not take. And after the course, regardless of whether you have found work for some time will not be put on the record (time depends on the type of training).

In Russia, the first year of running the presidential program of management training. It includes a professional training course on management trends, marketing or finance (550 training hours, including 180 at Learning a foreign language ) And an internship in the Russian or foreign enterprises. Overseas internships are held in Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Finland, France, Japan and the EU programs. Education lasts from 5 to 9 months, various options: to permit to combine training with work, or not. Internship - 3 to 12 weeks.

 Tuition three sources: 33% of the cost of the federal budget, 33% - of the community, the rest - from the funds of the company is running a candidate for program participants. To participate in the program right and who himself, the employer, that is, 1,111,118. individual entrepreneurs [/url] . They shell out for the rest of this most certainly will have to.

Requirements for participants: higher education, work experience of five years, of which at least three - the position of manager or higher secondary level, the age of 40 years and active knowledge of foreign language (not necessarily English), at least at the secondary level.

In past years, some federal states, particularly in Moscow, the opportunities for participation in the program is more than enough (the limit for the entire country - 5000 people per year). Rather, the observed lack of applicants. The situation this year is still unclear. If in 2008, receiving applications from potential participants ended in March, it has not even begun the selection of universities, where those have to learn (according to the law are selected each year for the contest). The Federal Resource Center management training, which implements the program, said that this year the format may change, but so far they do not know how. However, assure that the set will be.

Muscovites to participate in the program should contact the Centre for Development of Entrepreneurship his district. Residents of other subjects of the Federation - in its regional committee, selected the candidates, find the coordinates of which you can call (499) 795-64-19 or e-mail skpk@pprog.ru .

In Moscow, there are also courses for staff and managers of small businesses. Their city pays part - from 20 to 50%. The rest - from the company or by the participant. For participation should contact the Centre for Development of Entrepreneurship his district. Precondition - the company must be listed in the register of small businesses. Includes roster and in the center of enterprise development, the procedure is free.

In Moscow there are free courses for novice entrepreneurs. Learn from them may be those who are on leave for child care or family members with disabilities, older students, students with disabilities, ex-military.

Courses last for about a month - 72 hours, classes two or three times a week. There are programs on the basics of entrepreneurship, accounting, personnel documentation. Limit to the number of training programs do not, so that each party may well take a few.