What makes a school with a child? On the army of the same children

What makes a school with a child? On the army of the same children Parenting - it is a very responsible job. Some of our actions and insulting words sit in memory for life, causing various kinds of mental illness. Many scientists have been addressing the issue of education: Jean Jacques Rousseau, S. Freud, R. Burns, R. Borys, E. Fromm, A. Maslow, C. Rogers, A. Combs, E. Erikson, AG Spirkina, I. Chesnokov, Vygotsky, Kon, and others.

Of great importance in the child's life is School . And what do we see? Which brings up children educational institution? The children are forced to wear the same clothes, to think in the same direction, to pursue the same dreams. And those who think differently, those who want to show their individuality - suppress. Here's Anya good, it "correctly" (textbook) answer the question, but Peter is bad, he tried to look at the situation from the other side (was thinking). Little children are raised as the army, where all the guys naked and shaves all are similar.

And where is the place to individual abilities? It is understandable why some 1,111,114. great men [/url] poorly at school, because to become great, it is necessary that your thinking is not the same as in the majority. A fresh look at the objects around us.

How, then, is to raise children? How to make sure that their identity has not been suppressed?

We must simply доверять своему малышу. Стимулируйте его к учебе, к развитию творческих способностей. Обязательно подмечайте, к чему у него есть склонность, попытайтесь направить him to develop these aptitudes. Trust his choice! Allow adults to solve problems, hold family councils. Let him feel that he trusted and respected his opinion.

Of course, the unconditional trust can cause big trouble. For example, Vanya decided that now is his sandbox, and insults playing there Lena. What to do? Explain to your child that his [i] freedom ends where another person's freedom begins 11,111,113. . Just tell him what it means to 11,111,114. 11111115 conscience. . Tell me that Lena is also a child and has the full right to play in the sandbox. He also would not like if it tried to limit the freedom of his peers?

If a child can not understand what is [url=http://shkolazhizni.ru/archive/0/n-3900/] 11111117 conscience. , Try to give more examples from life. Speak confidently, but gently. Let him feel, is aware of through our own experience, that has a conscience. Let the child himself will try to give examples from life. Read him stories, where the leading role played by freedom of conscience. Spend a baby role play, where he will face a choice. Please send his thoughts in the right direction.

Thus, when the child is fully aware that you trust him and therefore gives you the freedom that he can not limit the freedom of another person, then he and you will be easier to communicate with each other and others.