What is the "five"?

What is the "five"? Is it worth paying money for the child good grades? Let's take a detailed look at the phenomenon of school grades. This is a subjective evaluation of teacher knowledge a student in a subject. Traditionally it is attributed to the function test the quality of teaching.

The meaning of school evaluation as a kind of feedback from teacher to student - to understand the latter, with what quality he carried out an assignment. As if without this mark a student does not know well or poorly he had prepared. Also, evaluation becomes a tool of interaction 1,111,112. Teacher [/url] and parents. In studying the diary of his child, the parent of an idea of how efficiently mastered the curriculum.

This often adults themselves perceive evaluation as overvalued and must bring it reverent attitude to their children. Thus, in the child a sense of that from school marks depend on the approval of adults, the success of their peers, future career and life success in general. However, it should be noted that the very mark creates nothing in pedagogy and costs nothing. It is relative.

Before a teacher is always the question: what students, we should encourage? Togo, who received a "5" and realized only 20% of its capacity, or who received a "3" and laid out on 102%? Every child - is an individual personality. All students of different abilities and capacities. The mark set for the absolute amount of knowledge? Or for the delta changes? After all, if in the beginning, a child in dictation makes 25 errors, but in the end - only five, there was tremendous progress, and formally in the first case of "two" in the second.

Another important point is that the teacher now enjoys a three-point system of evaluation. The unit of - a score, which can be put into the log for subsequent correction. In the school environment there is a perception that as a mark of a unit can supply teacher who has lost his nerve. After marking indicating the complete lack of knowledge - two, it is her usually gets 1,111,114. 1,111,117 students. Absolutely not ready for a lesson.

A large number of negative marks in the journal encourages the school administration to look closely at the activities of the teacher, thus reducing the overall performance of school. Teacher difficult to raise the current poor grades, because he also then have to spend time and energy, encouraging the child to correct them, leveling achievement. Consequently, lower requirements for knowledge, as assessed by positive marks, due to the school system.

In the estimation should not be discounted as the rigidity of perception of the student teacher. In other words, if a student who barely on troechku studied the Russian language, suddenly begins to write great essays, a rare teacher will be easy to reorganize and to evaluate the former weak troechnika "excellent".

Now back to the original question about the appropriateness of paying good marks. The problem child in school - the knowledge and development. If you pay is a certain mark of a student begins to seek not to build an array of knowledge, and to obtain specific grades are not always honest methods. In the mind of the child is a substitution: no matter what you know, it is important that you managed to get over it five. Purpose begins justify the means.

Spiritual experiences of the child is difficult to overestimate. Hard to have a child. After 1,111,116. Money [/url] here are beginning to speak also equivalent to parental approval and attention. My mother is proud of her daughter, which pays salaries. A daughter, who did not pay salaries, not proud. How to get parental attention during the holidays, for example?