Where can and should play with the baby?

Where can and should play with the baby? Kid two or three years knows how much: to distinguish colors, play in scenario games, recite poetry, sing, dance, scribble, throw a ball. He may be able to ten times more if it is to teach. And to teach that child a variety of useful skills best in 1,111,112. Game [/url] . But often caseloads parents postpone classes with the child, not finding the time and place. The game is often time consuming, and you can play anywhere: at home (and not necessarily in the room), outdoors, in nature. Choose a game!

  The kitchen is
Skills comparisons develops game «Макароны». Положите на блюдо макароны различной формы: «ракушки», «спиральки», «рожки» и т. п. Выберите любой из них, покажите ребёнку и попросите найти макароны такой же формы. После игры можно вместе с малышом приготовить блюдо из макарон .
To develop mental abilities and language skills helps game "Tour of the kitchen" . Ask your child to show the doll furniture and equipment that are in the kitchen: a table, chairs, refrigerator, etc. The babies really like to demonstrate their knowledge.

  In the bathroom 11,111,141.
Promotes coordination game "Different parties" , Which is great for fun in the bathroom. Take the toy-boat (or any toy that is well kept on the water) and ask your child to put her ahead of him. Then ask her to move backward or sideways, to push forward and then back to her.

Any child with a love game fun 11,111,142. "Rain" [/b] . Take a bath in the plastic cup of sour cream or yogurt, preliminary work done in the bottom of small holes. Dial back the water, lift the jar and watch with your child how to pour from holes "rain". Can you remember and sing some song about rain.

Will cause interest of the child playing with water "Experiments" . Bring to the bathroom all kinds of unbreakable objects: a sponge, empty spray guns, various balls, scarves, pottery, etc. Let some things sink and others float, some allow you to splash, let fountains, water. Give your child the opportunity to experiment.

  In the bedroom,
Game "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" introduces children to the concept of "time". At the end of the day remember with the baby, what you did yesterday, that - today, and that plan to do tomorrow. For example: "Yesterday we were walking in the park today sculptured from clay, and tomorrow we will go to visit Grandma." The game will help your child distinguish past from present and future, will introduce the sequence and sequence.

  Yard 11,111,141.
Game "Feed the birds" Teach your child to take care of others. Look at the birds in the yard, looking for food, tell me what the birds eat. Sprinkle with bread crumbs and baby watch the behavior of birds.

Top of knowledge about the world helps game «Давай послушаем». Обратите внимание ребёнка to loud sounds and bright: the car drove and honked, the dog barks at a construction site pile clog. Ask your child to try to pronounce unusual sounds: vzh-g-g, bi-bi-and bow-wow, ba-boom. Take a stick and knock on the stone, tree, house wall, bench, rail swings. Stamping on the asphalt, sand, pavement, grass. Compare these different sounds.

  At the dacha
Playing outdoors "Splash! Plop! " bring your child a lot of fun. Fill the bucket with water and let the kid the ball, let him throw it in a bucket. Do not forget about appropriate clothing, because the baby can pretty wet. The game develops coordination.

Experience for any child to become a game "Squirtwoman" . Do a few holes in the tube of plastic bottles, fill the bottle with water and let the baby. With such Squirtwoman can draw patterns on the tracks, splash on the range or shoot at goal.
  On the river
To acquaint the child with the concepts of "big" and "small", a simple game of 11,111,142. "Stones" [/b] . Consider the stones with your child, describe them, using the words "small" and "large". Then spread a handful of pebbles in two: one - small, in another - great. Help your child if he is difficult.