Who will help to learn a foreign language for free?

Who will help to learn a foreign language for free? During the period of mass unemployment, there is free time, which wants to make good use - here's a chance to acquire new knowledge. But what knowledge could be useful for building a successful career? Of course, knowledge of foreign languages 1,111,119. . It is known that people who speak foreign languages, get a higher salary, it is easier to find work, and they have broader horizons. Such benefits can not be overemphasized.

But while unemployment is usually every penny counts. Hiring a tutor or attend a course very expensive, and learn languages alone can not everyone - in fact you need someone to correct errors in oral and written exercises, and just answered your questions on grammar or vocabulary. How to find the optimal solution?

Very easy! On the Internet there are lots of communities of learning foreign languages. It gathers people from all over the world wishing to learn a particular language and ready to help others. What are community language learning better textbooks, dictionaries, e-learning programs?

For example, one of the best sites livemocha.com - completely free service with great potential. On this site you can learn languages such as Arabic, English, French, German, Hindi, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian. Simply select the language and level of training and start to explore online.

After the demonstration, training video and audio you will be offered to 1,111,114. series of exercises 1,111,119. - To pass a test to consolidate the knowledge, do writing assignments, as well as practice reading and pronunciation. For example, there is a task to read into the microphone the proposed text. At first glance, nothing special, but here and it turns out the main advantage of this site. The fact that you have made exercises can see and verify the other members of the community.

For example, I - Russian learners of German. I've done some exercises on the German and the Germans who are learning other languages on the site, saw my exercises and tested them, commenting and putting assessment. Thus, my training some control " tutors . And I, in turn, can comment and raise any assessment of the exercise of the Russian language.

The site simply saturated with the spirit of mutual assistance. Every now and then users perform new exercises that are instantly commented, corrected and complemented, not only detailed commentary, but also audio files with the correction of your pronunciation. No one ignored. Any user can add friends, write a personal message or chat in a friendly chat with a built in virtual keyboard and Phrases.

Another useful resource - edufire.com. Community split on teachers and students, and the site itself gives the impression of the school to volunteer. Teachers periodically conduct virtual lessons in foreign languages on various topics. Students look at the schedule of lessons for the next month, choose for themselves the most urgent and recorded.

Each lesson takes place on a certain day at certain times. Date and time of the lesson, as well as the allowable number of students determines the teacher. At the appointed time, the teacher and the students are coming to your personal page on the site where the link appears at the entrance to the virtual class, and class begins. What you do not foreign language courses, where instruction is conducted in groups?

It should be noted that the teachers - not amateurs. The majority are professional teachers and tutors with long-term experience. Why should they waste time on you and teach for free? First, they advertise themselves - if you liked the group sessions, then perhaps you would like to take some paid individual lessons. Secondly, teachers have the opportunity to develop 1,111,118. New methods
and training programs, and you can give us your feedback.

Some lessons on the site fee, but also free lessons so much that your training schedule will be more than filled. For example, at the time of this writing, over the next 30 days planned for 1913 free Chinese language lessons, 29 - Japan, 33 - English 7 - France, 12 - Spanish 13 - Italian 11 - Arab and so on. Also on site is the test of card with which you can check the knowledge of the language and be trained.

And how much would cost such classes at a language school? Very expensive. And the challenge of tutoring at home? More expensive. Therefore, the benefits of such online communities there.