Which language to choose for your child?

Which language to choose for your child? In the first half of our lives for us all decide to parents. On their shoulders rests the responsibility not only for our education, but also for education, which, in the future, will serve as a basis for life and for the choice of profession. Today's priority when applying for work is the knowledge of foreign languages - English, mostly. Of course, it would be nice to know even one or a few, but what? I want to help parents choose the right language for the child.

In my experience, met children who simply could not learn English, . The class teacher referred to non-humanitarian mentality, but all this, believe me, the case has nothing to do. What can they recommend? To learn any other language. It would be a desire, and the possibility always exists. And if it is not? Who is to blame and how to deal with it?

I take the responsibility to give some advice to parents who have a problem with the choice of language for the child. So, Council first - observation . Observation - this is the main guide of any education, but also a big help for councils. Upon viewing their baby, which subjects him to be given easier. This is necessary in order to determine what type of mind of the child and make easier the choice of language.

A child whose favorite subjects are literature, history, geography - is a great type for the French and 1,111,116. English language [/url] . In these languages have everything that a child could read and understand what they read without thinking about the word order and any grammatical zamorochkah. After studying these languages, he can write poetry and songs, elaborate melodies in pronunciation, and not only foreign, but also the native language.

If your child loves physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology - uniquely немецкий. Этот язык сам по себе как одна большая формула. В этом случае ребенку не сложно будет запомнить грамматические правила And he can easily say, without thinking about the order of words in the sentence, because in my head there is always a formula by which you want to speak properly. German is now gaining popularity and is a second language, which should be studied after English.

  Council second - pronunciation. Parents should pay attention to how the child speaks. Perhaps he swallows the end or said in a singsong, sometimes lazy to pronounce correctly the letter "p" or trying to speak clearly, pronouncing each word. Do you think that change? Not at all! This pronunciation is very often a legacy of psychological problems of the child, but if you are sure that in an emotional state, all right, let's dwell on the choice of language.

Thus, the child swallows the end of - Be confident Germans will understand it and will not ever ask again, what he said. This will make sure your child and encourage him to continue learning. If a child is chant - French and Spanish (Italian), these are the languages that you want to sing, and not pronounce. Lazy to say the letter "p" , Then this is the French and German. In these languages, the pronunciation of the consonant "r" very specific and now, unfortunately, the only indigenous people can hear its correct pronunciation, but we will not lose hope. Experience shows that with proper training is achieved very good results.

 Child говорит внятно – эта ситуация подходит для изучения испанского (итальянского). Испанский (итальянский) «словарь» сам по себе очень плавен и мягок и не «травмирует» речевой аппарат ребенка. Четко произносимые звуки, ударения помогут обучающемуся развить речевой аппарат и достичь хороших успехов как в иностранном And "native" pronunciation.

  Council of the third - emotionality. It is no secret that the most emotional people are Spaniards and Italians, so if your child likes to talk without pausing, and very emotional, these languages just for him. A soft and romantic personages fit French, and restrained and secretive - German.