How to treat the school evaluation?

How to treat the school evaluation? School mark - a kind of figure, posed for the execution of a written or oral assignments for training programs designed to gradually bring the children of knowledge on various subjects - is a link to the community 'school, the child's parents. " This community is sometimes raging passions of joy, and sometimes with indignation, and almost always present tense expectation of parents: "What will bring beloved Son, in his diary from school?". A child who has received a low mark - a figure wrong, he wanders home with his legs too heavy, anticipating the threat of punishment and wrath of family caregivers ...
It is no secret that the school mark in the magazine not only measure performance, but also creates a stamp for each student: some "best" someone "good marks", someone "average", some "lagging . Ratings received by a child during the day, week, month, accumulate, affecting his mental state at the confidence and awareness of its capabilities. Children in low achievers in the first years of schooling may be a long stay at this level of achievement, if they do not help adults.

The opinion of teachers about each student, as a rule, children in the class guess correctly, and classmates often enter into relationships based on an assessment of an adult.

Low score is negative expectations, and thus is born a failure, sometimes seriously affecting the development. In the school appreciate the knowledge and the student lagging behind there is not respected. And he said, denying the value of school, lose interest in school, violating discipline, seeking self-affirmation outside the school. And if the parents are excited shout, after the child going to school: "You'll get low marks - do not come!", He will not come - children do not understand the metaphors of words. And adults will then curse himself for the stupid, mindless threats in despair tossing in search of his darling offspring ...

And yet sometimes pronounced in communicating with your child lagging behind a terrible phrase: "Nothing good on you'll never get ...". Do not rush to pronounce it, dear parents, even if in a diary solid deuce and comments. There is a wonderful way to pull a student - "Pygmalion". And is he in the faith and adult patient waiting. Parents and teachers who believe in non-achiever who has lost interest in study, resemble Pygmalion, who created the statue, and breathed life into it.

Children are very much needed sympathy and support for parents in failure, but it is important not only to love them, but to know their particular interests and inclinations, bearing in mind always at the same physical condition. It is unrealistic and unsafe to expect from the child's weakened standing disease, different studies on all subjects - need gentle treatment and attention first to the health of your baby.

Junior school age is favorable for the parental influence on the formation of personality, so it's important not to miss this time, because every year the importance of adults' expectations for it decreases. Of course, and the parents themselves must be credible, and view them for the child to be valuable. Children in primary grades, as a rule, pay attention not so much on the level of assessment as to its validity. And for them is very important moral support for parents.

If the student and tried to put a lot of work to complete the task, and assessment has received mediocre or bad, it can be perceived as being unfair to them. In this case, a thorough and objective analysis of the parent with the child of his work done can determine how expectations diverge with the assessment of teachers. Very useful and productive for parents to learn together with children to evaluate compliance with their school assignments.

But there are cases where the assessment of a teacher is really underestimated because of its negative expectations. This happens when he has already appeared negative setting, and he does not believe in the strength of pupils' knowledge, considering the success of random. Then you have to have patience, concentrate and prepare the assignment, and may not be one to surprise the teacher with his negative expectations. And to do it is never too late, but more is yet to be difficult.

Inflated estimates are usually not perceived by the student, as undeserved, but intensely can respond to classmates who consider their pet owner teacher. But the overestimation can be gentle, supportive lagging behind the child, and this trust can be an incentive for further improvement.

It is important to teach children to respect other people's work and abilities, to see progress towards the goal. If you, dear parents, will be optimistic and sober evaluation of school progress of their child, to celebrate his achievements, even the smallest, to rejoice together with him, help him cope with the insecurities and weaknesses. Pay more attention to their children, do not forget about the "Pygmalion effect" supports them morally, not losing a sense of reality, showing compassion and sympathy for failure. Believe me truly in the power of the child, and your expectations will necessarily come to pass.