What is an innovative school?

What is an innovative school? Many young mothers are faced with the question: to send their children to study in ordinary schools or any High School? Schools, called lyceums and gymnasiums, have simply come into our lives, but when they say "innovation school", there's a constant process of a certain inhibition. And what is an innovative school? What will be there to teach a child? Will there be too difficult?

 Will reveal to you a little secret, almost all modern secondary schools are now innovative, that is their training plans are drawn up taking into account the various innovations. Innovation in the strict sense - is a new technique, technology, resulting from advances in science and technological progress. Thus, innovative schools - are those that teach your precious children of the light of recent developments not only in science but also in technology. Well, for example, use the computer not only on the lessons of computer science, and more on the lessons of the Russian language in the performance of the control test on spelling with instant automatic check of knowledge. Who of us did not want the child to go with the times?

But not only that is characterized by an innovative school. To explain more, let us compare a school with a traditional one.

  For personality characteristics, which tends to form teacher:
  In a traditional school, educational process aimed at acquiring certain rules work in learning and repetition of students of the existing social practices. In an innovative school, Teachers seek to develop the student's capacity for creative action in unusual situations.

  By characterization of didactic purposes:
  In a traditional school, always placed the emphasis on playing a ready knowledge, in innovative as educators seek to establish the capacity for further self-learning, form the criticality of opinion, independent judgments.

  By characterization of educational goals:
  In a traditional school, there is a priority of education, declaring this is the most education as the cultivation of autonomy, cooperation only when necessary, as training in the child a clear moral and ideological positions. In an innovative is School teacher works under the motto: "Train, I teach, educate, I teach!". Not separating these two processes, the teacher brings in a child the desire to implement his individual capacity.

  On characteristics of developing goals:
  In a traditional school, development of personal qualities proclaimed, but not a priority, is targeting average student. At school innovation 11,111,133. In contrast, dominant individual as far as possible, the approach to the student.

  By the nature of the relationship between teacher and pupil:
 [b] In a traditional school,
the type of subject-object, that is, the teacher - who teaches it, the students - those who teach. In an innovative school, - Subject-subject, ie the teacher and students are equal participants in the creative learning process.