When appeared Wikipedia? Part 1

When appeared Wikipedia? Part 1 "Having access to human knowledge - is the right of every person.

The volume of accumulated human knowledge is growing every year. Conventional encyclopedia will never catch up with the speed with which life moves: changing formations, beat records, make discoveries, crises occur. In a few years, and only after the event, which lives society today, will be reflected in the pages of thick paper encyclopedic volumes.

But what about the people who now want to detail, and not from news reports, knowing that at the moment is happening in the world? Of course, use the services of people who want to tell them about it.

And since we at the beginning of the article went on encyclopedias, it is easy to guess that the interests of the two groups presented above, are found in Wikipedia - the encyclopaedia, which today marks eight years. [url=http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Заглавная_страница] Simple 1,111,115. - Versatile multi-lingual free encyclopedia, has become a kind of panacea for the obsolescence of conventional writing for years and encyclopedias from the dominance of fee-based encyclopedias.

It is hard to imagine that such a global project like Wikipedia took, and suddenly appeared on the web spaces of 11,111,118. January 15, 2001. [/b] So to start is to tell about Nupedia (Nupedia), which is reasonably considered to be the ancestor of the most popular at the moment encyclopedia on the Internet.

 When appeared Wikipedia? Part 1 Jimmy Wales Nupedia appeared in March 2000. The founders were Jimmy Wales, founder of Internet company Bomis, on whose funds are initially and funded the project, and Larry Sanger, whom Wales is invited as the chief editor and designer of the project. It is worth noting that since then, Larry Sanger, to work and on the creation of Wikipedia, is the sole editor of the project, which received money for their work. People who were called upon to assist in filling the electronic encyclopaedia materials become leading scholars in their fields who have agreed to participate in the project absolutely free.
Nupedia was an English-language encyclopedia, articles which were written exclusively by experts, and then it turns into a free Internet access, thanks to the license GNU FDL, under which any person has the right to modify or replicate the materials encyclopedia, paying cash royalties to anyone.

The main drawback Nupedia became its main distinguishing feature: the process of review articles, consisting of seven stages to allow maximum quality and reliability, approximating Nupedia to this professional encyclopedias. Write an article could any man, but competent in a particular area, that is a kind of expert.

It is obvious that the passage of article seven levels takes time. As a result, during the lifetime of the project (from March 2000 to September 2003) was written only 24 articles and 74 papers were at various stages of review.

Agree that the number of articles under the age of three years, even mark of 100, though of excellent quality, no comparison does not come with volumes of information in today's Wikipedia. Slow development of well conceived project worried from Wales and Sanger. For help first met as a student (thanks to the Internet) enthusiasts come each Sanger Ben Kovits, who told Larry about the concept of 11,111,112. wiki [/i] (Translated from Hawaiian wiki means quick, wiki-wiki - as soon as possible).

Web system wiki was created in 1995 by Ward Cunningham and is intended for collaborative development, storage, structuring text, hypertext files, including multimedia. At any time each visitor wiki-site can edit the text pages directly within your web browser and save the modified version on the server.
 When appeared Wikipedia? Part 1 Larry Sanger and January 10, 2001 Goal Nupedia transferred to the engine wiki. But within a few days from the decision makers, editors and reviewers, who decided after all not to take risks, by allowing access to any editing, the site was returned to the previous format, but made a very important step. January 15 was opened portal Wikipedia.com , Which is essentially a Nupedia. All articles have been moved to a new platform, but with the possibility wiki website. It was assumed that Wikipedia will be a source of data for Nupedia, but it turned out, as we know, quite different: the source was a complete encyclopaedia, as Nupedia ceased to exist long after the appearance of Wikipedia.

With the increasing popularity of Wikipedia, the relationship between Sanger and Wales became increasingly tense. As a result, March 1, 2002 Larry Sanger was sacked, officially - because of downsizing. But it's hard to believe that it was possible to reduce staff, firing the man who coined the very name of the project, formulated the basic rules and regulations Wikipedia. But Wales now denies the role of Sanger as a co-founder of Wikipedia.

Leaving Wikipedia, Sanger at one time taught philosophy - science, in which he is a graduate. Sanger is now quite critical about Wikipedia - namely, a policy of allowing anonymous correct materials and giving the right uneducated people to put themselves above the experts. That is why the project is being undertaken by Sanger «Citizendium» Which by its terms is close to the Wikipedia, and posting articles on politics and materials - to Nupedia.