When appeared Wikipedia? Part 2

When appeared Wikipedia? Part 2 Simple without Sanger continued its rapid 1,111,112. development 1,111,117. . In mid-2003, Wales created a non-profit Wikimedia Foundation to support Wikipedia and related projects. But after 8 years, Wikipedia and other projects, combined the Wikimedia Foundation, used as a license for its texts free documentation license GNU.

Today, Wikipedia is written on CD and DVD. In parallel with the Encyclopedia of related projects: Wikibooks, Wiktionary, Wikiquote, Wikisource, Wikispecies, Wikinews, Commons, Meta and Wikiversity. Interestingly, and website Vikipravda on Wikipedia criticism, which was founded March 20, 2006.

The idea of wiki-technologies for information resources, at first glance, fully justified itself. Numerous articles constantly edited, supplemented, improved. The audience of people who use Wikipedia is exceptionally broad, and hence one of the leading positions in the Wikipedia online attendance and popularity.

 When appeared Wikipedia? Part 2 But any popularity always has a downside. For an electronic encyclopedia is expressed in the so-called "wiki vandalism", when the unscrupulous, often stupid and uneducated, posted fake information, spoil the article. Do not know how to argue his point of view, but because in the discussions that accompany each article, go to the person and foul language. The most extreme violators are called "trolls", and their access to Wikipedia is closed, but it is obvious that if desired they can start again create havoc with computer nezabanennym IP-address.

At the moment did not found a solution to this problem and, perhaps, that the claimed concept of Wikipedia is simply impossible. But according to studies, most of them anonymous enthusiasts deliver very high-quality content, no yielding to registered users, so this problem is not as urgent and as it may seem at first glance.

But the solution to another pressing problem - credibility, it seems, and not have to look for. The fact is that, according to a 2005 study on the reliability of Wikipedia quite a bit inferior to the world famous encyclopedia Britannica. Of course, such research is quite subjective and can not fully cover all the materials encyclopedias for further comparison, but, nevertheless, their results are very revealing. And in favor of Wikipedia is the fact that it is absolutely free.

At any price contained servers and, although small, but nevertheless, the staff Wikipedia? The answer you probably seen in the pages of Wikipedia recently: "Remember, Wikipedia depends on your donations!". This is the answer to the question indicated above. The main financial resources - Wikipedia, the donations that people: an average of 50 to 100 dollars. But we can not say that Wikipedia does not bring any dividends Jimmy Wales, except for international recognition. When you open a commercial wiki-based projects, the entrepreneur now earns them a very decent money.
For users Runet important date is May 20, 2001 , It was formed in section of Wikipedia in Russian. And four days later, on May 24, appeared the first article, which was called "Russia".
There are currently 265 registered Wikipedias, though in the latter two located at the end of the list, no papers. In the first place, not surprisingly, the number of articles of English-language Wikipedia is: to a total of 2668158 articles that can be called a record of sorts, because none of the Wikipedias in other languages do not mark has risen above a million articles. The Russian-language encyclopedia located on tenth place, the number of articles in it - 340 656.

All in all, a unique encyclopaedia has 11,953,324 articles, and this figure is growing rapidly. I hope that soon all of these articles will be available to people regardless of the language in which they speak.

In conclusion, I want to tell about how one day I personally made a change, albeit slight, in the article and felt with an extraordinary feeling. After all, do something useful for all people - it is so nice.