What is the meaning of Internet forums and conferences?

What is the meaning of Internet forums and conferences? I would like to clarify a complex question - what is the meaning of online forums? Confusion in this matter is clearly visible, when there was much discussion on the forums all ratings, reviews, and other plyusik moderation.

In most cases, a raging controversy is the secondary and even tenth-parts. Disputes of this kind have no practical value, because the parties to these disputes over trees can not see the forest. Very soon in the dispute ends fuse, and they come to the conclusion that the forum - this is nonsense, fun, escape from work or mania. This is not true.

What is overlooked most of the disputants? They lose sight of that dispute on a certain subject arises when the forum is unclear in this topic. And the reasonable members lead those provisions which they seem to be convincing, to be able to test their strength.

People do not always write in the forum their ideas. Usually - these are the ideas of others, poorly understood and not related to real life. They do not work. Thanks to the forum, these ideas (for smart people) are replaced by others. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. But if they do not work, then this immediately informed the other participants. As a result the forum thread generated a list of arguments for and a list of arguments against. Then there is the general idea, along with a list of arguments for and a list of arguments against. Then make your opinion on this subject is not difficult.

  And the idea begins to live his life regardless of the participants.

Moreover, once this is done once, it can be used by other people, which remains only to compare the arguments and come to his vision on this issue. And a clever man, coming to the forum support some ideas, see convincing arguments, goes from there bearer of all others. Moreover, the process of honing the ideas is very important to people. Not accidentally the participants so zealously defend their views. Therefore formulate the thesis of the three forums:

  Thesis 1. Forum - this variant of social intelligence, therefore, this education has its goals, objectives and appropriate structure.

Internet forums (as well as many public public debate) - is the most important means of changing reality. As an illustration of the thesis will give the words of Leo Tolstoy: "The idea expressed in words - it is a force whose action is infinite. That is an idea that is well articulated in the forum begins to live his life and alter the public consciousness.

Forum - is part of life. The Forum reflects the current view of society at this or that event and allows participants to find their consistent interpretation. The tremendous power of the Internet allows you to instantly sakkumulirovat variety of intelligences and instantly communicate the result to each participant.

Life of ideas does not stop there. Through search engines and links to other sites worked out the idea will be conveyed to anyone who is interested in her. And it will affect the lives of many years. This thesis most participants fora completely incomprehensible. It is hard to imagine that one phrase: on the forum can have much greater impact on Reality 11,111,117. Than a day rewriting papers at work. But this is so.

 [b] Issue 2. Competent organization generating ideas is more important other matters related to the forum.

This means that any proposals for the Forum have meaning only if they work to generate and refine ideas. Otherwise the forum will be Nobody wants 11,111,117. and degraded. Fears of flooding, mat, transshipments and other muti groundless. The process of generating ideas he cuts off extra branches.

It employs a rule of brainstorming - a ban on censorship. At the end of the generation of ideas moderator cleanse branch of the flood, and the original idea is better identified. But it must be done at the end of the discussion, and not to interfere in the process.

 [b] Issue 3. Avatar necessarily, but moderation should be limited only to the process.

Moderator can not interfere in the process of generating ideas, but only monitors the technical aspect of the process. That is followed so that the message had a specific format statements (in other words, that the rest knew what was going on in the message). Everything else - the case of the forum. If the administrator has banned mate, then the moderator deletes messages with foul language is prohibited discussion of other participants, then those messages to the Trash.