What is the social network "VKontakte.ru"?

What is the social network "VKontakte.ru"? Imagine that you come across in a huge room, all of whose walls were hung with small postal boxes, and in the center of the room, his desk, sits the venerable old man, the archivist, scratching his ear slightly eared pen. You do not see from afar what was written on an inconceivable set of drawers, but you think that is the names, postal addresses of some people. Venerable archivist pleased to confirm your guess and tells you that you can view information and leave a message to virtually any and almost every person in the world.

Understanding that this statement is, shall we say, somewhat exaggerated, you're still interested, and, remembering that the past hundred years have not seen or talked to one of his longtime friend, ask the archivist to show you where you got a box of his acquaintance.

"But first you must register!" - Meets the archivist. He writes as your name, in any village resident, gets you a separate box, and then graciously willing to give you any assistance in finding the necessary information. "Your familiar name? .. And where is home? .. Here you go, its box ... "

You open and look at photographs of familiar, you see a list of her friends and leave her a note with an invitation to make friends and socialize. You are assured that your friend must read your message as soon as your check box. You're interested, you find another friend, another friend, then find someone and you fastened communication ...

 What is the social network "VKontakte.ru"? "Can I leave here my photos to be able to see my friends?" - You ask. "Yes, definitely! - Meet you. - And not just photos, but any information that you wish, send letters, talk, exchange messages - all provided! We can also send letters of invitation to the specified address for those who do not know about our club! "- Says the archivist.

This, of course, simply grotesque, but in general, about and the service works VKontakte.ru.

When I came to e-mail letter from a friend with an invitation to the site Vkontakte.ru, I checked in on him just out of courtesy. Then the site was one of the many I have seen social networks, which every day is gaining popularity. Subsequently, the possibility to send invitations to friends made me a regular at this particular social network.

View information on this website Vkontakte.ru, can only registered users. Of course, it is difficult to call a closed social networking site with 25 million users (according to official figures), but on Oct. 1, 2006, when it was registered a domain name vkontakte.ru, we have a similar English-language service of the popular Facebook.

 What is the social network "VKontakte.ru"? It is difficult to enumerate all possible service. I just every day after I go to check email and find Vkontakte.ru news friends, schedule meetings, receive and write letters, draw relatives blots on the "wall", show them your photos. You can, incidentally, to restrict access to any of its data, including photos, "friends-only" or "for friends and their friends."

Legally, the owner of the site is "In Contact" and specific names, there are many rumors and versions. It is because of the lack of clear and open information about the owners and shareholders are constantly exploiting the idea of involvement of all this FSB. However, the story is not new ... the Director General of OOO "In Contact" means Paul Durov, which is positioned on the site as its creator.

Several psychologists said that if a person devotes to some site or service more than one hour each day - this is a sign of emotional dependence.
Recently, my friend of friends on the service Vkontakte.ru exceeded 300, and all of them - their real friends and acquaintances with whom she would like to keep in touch. This, of course, is not quite the usual case, but I have the service Vkontakte.ru collected not only friends, relatives, acquaintances, and colleagues, all classmates, former teachers and neighbors.