As has become the main search engine Yandex Runet?

As has become the main search engine Yandex Runet? To find all
Yandex for us first of all - search the web. And it begins when the computer is as if they were, but like the Internet, and there was no way - at the level of ideas, and more - either the defense or for the mound.

In 1988, the future CEO of Yandex Arcady Volozh was "applied mathematics", a graduate student taking correspondence courses of the Institute of Management Sciences, and was engaged, according to Wikipedia, "research in the field of processing large volumes of data." Law on Cooperatives in 1988 gave Volozh term business and opened other than science, horizons. The thesis was abandoned.

And business is still proved to be oriented to the same area of processing data sets. Realized was the need to "connect the idea of searching in large texts and morphology of the language" - so it is formulated A. Volozh in an interview. On the paper, except the actual programmers (among whom was Elijah Segalovich, a classmate of Volozh PhysMathSchool), linguists have been involved, including Academician Yu.D. Apresyan. The outcome of the classifier have patents, digital libraries on diskettes, Institute of World Literature ordered full digital scholarly editions Griboyedov Pushkin ... All this - the products of the company headed Volozh CompTek. In the bowels of the company formed and implemented the idea, develops technologies, to create a team.

Thus gradually arose Yandex - as long as the technology "search unstructured information in the light of the Russian language. Create should have a name - and "founding fathers" going over the options. That was in 1993.

Of all the "ovens", from which one could dance, the best fit index (search for rejected discordant). Variation of him - short for yet another indexer (another indexer) = yandex. You can read - and how language indexer. I decided to emphasize the Cyrillic sorientirovannost product is available in Russian, leaving from the English index most of the words. Other versions of the word: the British capital I - a Russian "I", capital I is replaced by I, obtained Yandex. Another treatment - initial "Jan" - a reference to the duality of the Internet, the unity of opposites, its yin and yang.

Finally, in recent yandeksovtsy chose this spelling - Yandex, all in Cyrillic letters, without quotes. With characteristic linguistic sensitivity of the company, they emphasize the existence of the Russian language a new word - Yandex.

In 1996, the public heard the word "Yandex" - as the name of morphological prefixes to search engine. Announcement as a search engine is dated September 27, 1997, the first response to the first query the search engine returned in November of that year.

The company "Yandex" appeared in 2000, became its general director Arkady Volozh. Technical Director was appointed Ilya Segalovich, editor in chief - Elena Kolmanovskaya, Commercial Director - Alexey Tretyakov. Since the beginning of the existence of "Yandex" design work is performed Lebedev Studio.

Now Yandex - the main search engine Runet, from 50 to 60 percent (from different sources have mentioned various figures, but the border - some are), the Russian-speaking sector of the Internet users prefer to search online with it. In 2007, Yandex entered the top ten most popular search engines worldwide.

The slogan "find everything" that accompanies the company's logo on the front page, telling the truth. Search convenient, he achieves results under different conditions: understands abbreviations, transliteration, a query with misspellings, errors keyboard and has recently been supplemented by input query hints. It is possible to record your search history, for which there Nahodki.Yandeks. Request is also made from the pictures and video. Over the years, held competitions to find - Cup (in 2008 - the last time). There are special versions of the search - Family, School, for the visually impaired, as well as meditative search, search without a search string, the result here is a momentary rankings.

Found that all? Let's go to Yandeks.Fotki and more ...
Yandex - is not only search, but also a social network. A good man out of "School Life" recommended to go to Yandeks.Fotki. I went. Since then I have changed a few cameras, the images are streamed to the NF, you can calculate how many (of each snapshot is published EXIF - information about the shooting conditions). Personal benefits to the user: the NF look other people's work and lay out his own; this way we learn - by comparison of their work with strangers, identifying strengths and weaknesses.

 As has become the main search engine Yandex Runet? My page in Ibid.
Ibid positioned as hosting - and became the club photo enthusiasts. Photos can be seen acquaintances and strangers, get their assessment of both personal and generic, the NF is selected the whole world "Photo of the day, during the day, most of the most recent works fall into the tape" interesting "in the" top ". People communicate not only in the network, I know people who met at the NF, arrange a meeting in Moscow - visited the exhibition, walk, take pictures.

Equipped NF pretty comfortable: it is possible to supply each image marks, set the parameters of access to the images (for all, for its own, for myself), enable/disable set evaluation and comment. Recently, it became possible to "attach" pictures to the card - thus accounting for its photomaps. Late last year, appeared Yandex.Maps service.

On the page "My pictures" one click get in his blog on There's still more fun than NF - a lot of clubs. Clubs open, moderators - active, for rudeness and mate banyat cruel. In clubs and services Yandeks.Fotki discusses the challenges of life in the service and test innovations wishing lamented the injustice grading elections Photos of the day, competitions.

 As has become the main search engine Yandex Runet? All services on the page did not fit.
List of services on the main page of Yandex assured me that I do not use a third possibility (or do not know about them or trying to master, but realized: it is I do not need). For example, people, hosting for web pages - I was not attracted, as the needs of personal page there. Yandex.Money - not needed, do not buy online. Mail - I am now at a crossroads: I have the mail and, and the rambler. At the first address is a lot of spam - filtering has the most. The second long suit (although the game got ads on the page, it does not get blocked!), But go on Yandex pulls. Conveniently for me was to decorate the browser Yandeks.Barom - with weather ticker, reports of new pictures from my favorite authors on the NF, the comments to my records in clubs. My Terms - noted there quickly realized: this is not for me, work and workers are not looking. Discovered Fresh - Knigi.Yandeks. Here's something funny - Spring, the generation of abstracts. Do not believe them, the texts are not original!

Among the products Yandex long my attention was attracted by Punto Switcher (Automatic pereklyuchalka Russian/English keyboard layout) with it with me, despite all Positive feedback , The relations do not stack.

A gift of fate - the utility Yandex Desktop Search, full text search in documents, mail and caches on your computer. Not only in MS Office documents and Open Office, but djvu, pdf. So, a slight movement of the hand has been indexed pdf-archive papers in which I work, for three years.