Where do nanoambitsii?

Where do nanoambitsii? When I read about nanotechnology in our newspapers, you want to feel the respect for scientists and visionary Russian politicians. Especially those of them that created the Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies (RUSNANO), which as a property contribution received from the state 130 billion rubles. The website RUSNANO can learn about the mission of this corporation: conversion of the country on an innovative path of development and integration of Russia into a world leader in the field of nanotechnology.

Actually, nanotechnology - a technology that operate with objects whose size, at least in one direction does not exceed 100 nm (100h10 ^ (-9) m). The term "nanotechnology" offered Norio Toniguchi (Norio Taniguchi) back in 1974. And abroad distinguish nanoscience, nanotechnology and nanoindustry, we have also reported this somehow forgotten and all are called nanotechnology.

Now these technologies are used even in medicine. For example, in the U.S. have developed a special nanovzryvchatku that could produce a supersonic shock wave, which will help deliver drugs to malignant cells of the human body. The Americans used a special nanotermitny composite containing metallovidnoe fuel and inorganic oxidizer, resulting in a highly combustible material.

Another promising direction - cascade filtration of blood plasma, which allows you to remove viruses and harmful substances, preserving blood components. In some countries (Germany, Japan) is used sverhdorogostoyaschaya fiber filtration. Using nanotechnology (filtration membranes on flat track) in order reduces the cost of the procedure and makes it available to every patient.

Where do nanoambitsii?
It is clear that nanotechnology - is superslozhnye research, both theoretical and experimental, plus high-precision manufacturing. For the development of nanotechnology requires sound investment, but still need skilled personnel, modern scientific equipment, complex industrial equipment.

Now tell me, here in Russia has at least one domestic model cell phone? A personal computer? Something I do not remember. Or maybe we have domestic cars? Name, please. If you think that this "Lada", then I have nothing to say. Why in the field of nanotechnology should go otherwise? Where these exorbitant nanoambitsii?

Until now, serious books on science subjects and science fiction with all sorts of Star Wars on the cover sold in different departments of bookstores. Today the genre gap disappears. Nanotechnology confidently take the place of Star Wars and the wave of the light nanoery for all Russians.

Humbly, however, suggest that end nanoambitsii chernomyrdinskim "as usual": will have another Chelsea have another of Putin's oligarchs, will become the property of emigrants from Russia of a medieval castle in some English county, any new galaxy of academicians. It is even possible that the Russian army will be taken on board "nano-tanks." But put me in them soldiers, drafted into the army at the call of some rural hinterland, where a bad idea of what "nano".

And it is likely that RUSNANO end with high oil prices. The devaluation of the ruble and economic depression fuel to the fire. Even Anatoly Chubais, not so long ago headed the Russian nanotechnology, will not save. No matter how great ability Chubais, there are things beyond the control and him.

* * *

There was a Soviet film "The feat of intelligence." I remember it the protagonist, fooling the Germans (Nazis), uttered the phrase: "Patience, my friend! Will not be long and bristles at the warehouses of your father will turn into pure gold. "

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