What is the shredder?

What is the shredder? Schroeder (born shredder - izmelchatel, kromsatel) is used for shredding paper into very fine strips or tiny pieces. Government organizations, businesses and private individuals use shredders to destroy private or confidential documents. Experts recommend destroy accounts, credit cards, bank statements and other documents that may be used for fraud or identity theft. (Source: Wikipedia)

When the rain or snow, I often recall one funny story about Schroeder.

In times of glorious years of some sort in 1993-1995, I bought a shredder documents. Why? Good question. All we like it or not, working with a huge mass of documents: paper, papers, stickers, zapisochek, pamphlets, etc.

build ip this garbage at hand. Just wastepaper basket - somehow not very fun. That bought. Do not stingy, however, and took a full featured machine, powerful, and yes even automatic. This is when a piece of paper put into place, then he just so recognizes and begins to crush it into fine dust. Lyapota, I tell you!

play with it a few minutes at home, left the same apparatus at rest, and went about his routine affairs. Do you mean what, I had to go for the goods. And in those days everything was cool. To carry better to cash (the color of the special role of Nala did not play: white/black, Baku or wood - all the same, if only enough to cover your needs). Why cash? Well, for those who do not know, I will explain.

Banks then strongly tried to make the most of our greens twist and make money, of course. Because of this, bank payment could come to a destination and a week later, and after two and a month later. It is now something with all sorts of electronic payment systems money to fly to a second, and banks only, and remains, that tiny protsentik with a single transaction ... Here we are now stirring up a different zamanuhoy like loans, mortgages and loans (And you take it, take it! "Who believes?).

Well, yes, a bit distracted. I'm preparing a trip. All counted, all reconciled lists made. It seems to be ready and everything. It remains only to make money, and you can safely leave. Fed heterogeneous currency out of the box, and sitting at the table, and began to count down and spread piles on the table.

A warm summer was such sunny. Windows open. Suddenly a gentle breeze was blowing, and one hundred dollar piece of paper slipped unobtrusively with already cooked piles. By lacquered table top glided gently, and with the edge of the table vertically fell ... straight into the jaws of this insatiable paper terminator! This automatic machine recognized the object of its photodetector, and quick hundred grams of evergreen turned into a small pile of road dust. Since then, the function "auto" I include longer. Nevertheless, the aggregate value rose sharply to $ 100.

As my shredder was classified according to international standards as a "fourth level" (a rather high degree of secrecy), then according to that same standard DIN 32757 he made from sheets of paper, small pieces of 2x15 mm in size. The day before the New Year at the basket Shredder wore clean plastic bag, and in turn was purchased colored paper "for children's creativity." Thus a few minutes could be "cut" Christmas confetti. Judging by the sound of mechanical knives, a green paper he liked more.

Well, under the final - a bit about safety in handling such equipment. It is understood that one hundred dollars are worth nothing compared with that lost health. Therefore, while working with the shredder must observe some precautions. If the unit is used at home, then it must be off until the moment of working with him. This is especially true if a family has small children and compact ornamental animals.

When using a shredder in the office of women need to monitor the gender of their light clothing, for all kinds of scarves and handkerchiefs, as well as chains and pendants. Men should follow for the most part of the tie, which can prolong the shredder. It is only at first glance, the machine is safe and slow. You will be pleasantly surprised by the speed of its approximation to his face. In addition, the tie will definitely cut off, and the shredder expose unscheduled preventive cleaning.