What kind of video on the Internet we need?

What kind of video on the Internet we need? [i] "More and more people prefer to watch movies and television shows online, but not on television, according to research firm Harris Interactive. According to surveys, 65% of the 2,445 people admitted that they had started to use YouTube. A year ago these people were 42%. "1,111,113.

I think you will agree that surrounds us information. Our every move, every step, breath - it is the actions that result, we obtain certain information. What is information?

  Info (From the Latin. Informatio - clarification statement), the original - the information transmitted human oral, written or otherwise (with the help of conventional signals, equipment, etc.), by the mid 20 th century - a general scientific term that includes the exchange of information between human beings, man and computer, a computer and a computer.

Do you know such a thing as "information explosion"? Its essence is that by some estimates, since 1991 the total amount of knowledge in the world is doubling every year, resulting in increased volumes of information and people find it increasingly difficult "digest" it, there is хроническая усталость, бессонница , 11111127 irritation. and other incidental factors.

For rights information - is what gives [url=http://shkolazhizni.ru/tag/%E7%ED%E0%ED%E8%FF/] knowledge 11,111,127. . Getting some knowledge (knowledge - a form of existence and ordering of the results of human cognitive activity), we decide whether it is necessary to us or not, what is needed, "carried away in the long-term memory, but it is not necessary - in the short-term. Is this the normal, "neperegruzhenny" organism.

Where do we get information? We get it on television, from newspapers and magazines, on radio, and ... through [url=http://shkolazhizni.ru/tag/%E8%ED%F2%E5%F0%ED%E5%F2/] 11111127 Internet. .

What is the Internet? If his own words, the Internet is one of the assistants and facilitators in getting the right information, a means of open storage and distribution. As they say, how much information, so much, take it. But who knows how to measure the amount of information in our heads and understand how many megabytes or gigabytes Useful information we need any more?

In our time, time "information explosion", a long-term memory is simply overflowing, head full of completely useless information. Particularly active this helps 11,111,116. Ad
. Everyone knows what yogurt helpful?

We need a discharge, which we find in view the various videos. And as you watch humorous programs running short-term memory. Has anyone noticed how in one day laugh at a joke, and the next you can not remember her?

And now, based on data published by the search engine GoGo.Ru, see what interests people from [url=http://shkolazhizni.ru/archive/0/n-11123/] Internet videos 11,111,127. .

Preferences of people in the selection of videos (not necessarily in the movies - there may be music videos, cartoons, etc.) I was interested in a long time ago. As the saying goes, better to see once ... So, in the top three were: serials, humor, movies (it is worth noting that the theme requests " Cinema " Lagged behind the theme " 11,111,127 humor.\" At the 143,560 requests, While the \"humor\" behind the theme \"[url=http://shkolazhizni.ru/tag/%F1%E5%F0%E8%E0%EB%FB/] serials " only to the 79,518 requests).

So actively seek and episodes of popular TV programs. First place at the Comedy Club, the second at Star Factory. About the third place you can not mention - "Factory" leaving the show "Happy Together" far, far behind.

The results are clear. Everything that does not require special attention and makes it easy to relax, not thinking about the meaning, popular. In the case of the Comedy Club, as, indeed, and KVN (7 th place on request), their popularity is based on people's ability to escape from worries.

Factory of stars do not bear any semantic load (by the way, DOM-2 on demand is on the 4 th place), but the series look, but look, but do not forget to worry for your favorite heroes. By the way, from 25 popular programs 19 seats just took serials. Dragging them, whatever you say.

That is all we have and look. For us it is - favorite shows/series, for "them" - a means of income.