Where rolling Odnoklassniki.ru?

Where rolling Odnoklassniki.ru? Everyone and every now known site " Classmates . Although now it is no longer called the site, now it is - social network . With a great, transcendent number of registered users, with the popularity of worthy title of "People's website.

We all come from childhood, we all went to school, college, and so on., Went into the army, all of us, of course, remember those golden days are ... mixed on nostalgia, sooner or later, sounding in the heart of every man, draft avalanche burst into life Russian inhabitants, who in unison began eagerly to look for each other, actively make friends, hang out for all to see their personal photos and admiring strangers. In short, the Russians began to violently and massively nostalgia to "mates.

Well, so be it ... But cmuschaet other: our eyes and at that time "Classmates" degenerate from the so-called social networking into the very 1,111,118. ordinary and banal Network recreational [/url] . With all the attendant to that resource, personal belongings. Why, for instance, resources to connect the lost will of evil men the case, the tab "Online", which obligingly went and offers photos and profiles of complete strangers, random people at this time online. Clearly, why ...

Pro active use of the site told trendy Muscovites today by Eduard Bagirov, in his new "masterpiece" "The Lovers", in which fraudsters middling with might and main benefit of "Russian nostalgia for the bright" by designation. According to the main character, any Muscovite, after the first dating site ready to come home to a roguish macho. There is a quote: "Who am I here" looking "? Not looking, and take off. Do not override the concept. Does it matter where they shoot? ".

Strongly not pleased function stealth. So why, one asks, the regime of "Invisible Man" in this holy place, which consists of planned by "Schoolmates"? It is clear why - to track the online activities of their passions incognito. So, congratulations: jealous of his wife under the cover of the regime "Invisible Man" come to the pages of their lascivious men to reconnoiter, who's better half in the so-called "friends"! And, accordingly, on the contrary. But! Now for his incognito you [url=http://shkolazhizni.ru/archive/0/n-21160/] have to pay 11,111,113. ! As well as a completely delusional assessment photographs of type "5", and even for registration in this nostalgic paradise.

Needless to mention that this project was indirectly responsible for the collapse of many, many Russian families. Of course, this is not to blame the Internet and not "Classmates" and especially the people themselves. It seems impossible to us, Russian, pass off such temptations. We are unstable emotionally exhausted by the change of regimes, the authorities and the general Party line ... ignorant. Many of my friends ladies deftly managed to "mates: loads the photos, enjoy all the options, watching their husbands, parallel flirting with strangers, and with all this, not only do not know how to use the internet, but did not realize what it is - [url=http://shkolazhizni.ru/tag/%E8%ED%F2%E5%F0%ED%E5%F2/] 11111113 Internet. . He does not need them, it focuses them in this place, "mates. One of these ladies truly call your page "My Site" ... That's ...